Alex Pandian - A World Class Trend setter

Alex Pandian - A World Class Trend setter

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I am blessed to be in an era in which Alex Pandian released! Bliss. The first appreciation should go to the Censor Board for giving a clean U certificate for this film. They want children to come to hall and watch such movies to understand so many important and useful messages given by Suraaj not in a preaching manner but in a commercially viable manner.

The opening scene itself is a challenge to Hollywood film makers. When they all think of Superman, Spiderman, Batman, Heman and more such men to rescue and defy science, Suraaj comes out with an innovative concept and say’s that even a Human can do it. Yes, Karthi is the human and that too with a heart of gold. Everyone in their review commented that Karthi ran faster than train but did anyone mention that he took a short cut to reach the train?

Annan-thangacchi paasam in this movie is the best ever I must admit, how long will we quote Pasamalar’s example. Look at Santhanam here, he not only protects his 3 sisters, he also educates the audience with so many terms which has a sexual meaning directly and indirectly.

Suraaj also has a great respect for our culture, which is very well explained in the song sung by Karthi at the ponnu vayasukku vandha function of Santhanam’s younger sister. Also the hero has a great responsibility to make the function a grand success, so that every single prospective groom now knows that the girl is fit for marriage! Wow!!!...

So far, Maruti’s vehicle have been advertised with the tagline of “Kitni deti hai” [in terms of mileage], now they also can be very sure that their vehicles are bullet proof, and also oh God, the villains should now start to learn science to find out how the bullets travel and our hero is a master of Science I should say. He can run between arrays of bullets and that too catching our heroin in one hand.

Only one song for heroin Anushka, tomorrow no reviewers will naakku mela palla pottu say that heroin verum 4 paattukku mattum irukkaanga, and yes love is deaf, dumb, blind and all types of physical and mentally handicapped. He proves it when Anushka gives a look once Karthi saves her from the hill top.

As I said earlier the censor has made it clear that this movie should be watched by children; many children will now think more and understand Newton was just an idiot to give 3 laws of physics, there will be more children now excited to do new research in disproving Newton and finding out new avenues and concepts in Physics. I also assume that they’ll take the “kaai adikkaradhunnu solla koodaadhu, coin adikkiradhunnu sollanum” seriously and refine their talks in school.

Take a bow Mr. Suraaj for crafting this masterpiece and I wish many people following your trend!!!...

P.S: And yes, the Government should seriously consider waiving of service tax for the actors, actresses and others belonging to cine field as they do a great service to the nation by producing, acting and educating people with such great films!!!

Selva Ganapathy
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