2012 In Film - Spotlight On The Year Gone By

2012 In Film - Spotlight On The Year Gone By

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Personal list of the best English, Tamil and Hindi films released in 2012.

Note:- This list has nothing to do with the general critical or commercial reception of any film concerned and is purely the humble opinion of one person. 

The best ENGLISH films of the year (Only those theatrically released in India are considered and that makes this an unreliable and incomplete list) 

10. Killing them softly/Chronicle
9. Skyfall
8. Trouble with the curve.
7. Life of Pi/Arbitrage.
6. The Hobbit: An unexpected journey.
5. Moonrise Kingdom/Wreck it Ralph.
4. Looper/The best exotic Marigold hotel.
3. The Avengers/The Dark knight rises.
2. Argo.
1. Cloud Atlas.

A great year for all superhero fanboys, as Nolan ended his Batman trilogy with typical flourish and Marvel stitched together various worlds by bringing all the Avengers under one roof. The result - Breathless, unparalleled entertainment. Spidey too, got an acceptable reboot. Bond discovered his human side and the good sol' 82 year old Clint got us all nostalgic with his unapologetic swearing in "Trouble with the curve". The ambitious "Cloud Atlas" pushed and stretched quite a few boundaries and redefined the movie experience as we knew it.

The best TAMIL films of the year.

10. Kaadhalil Sodhappuvathu Eppadi
9. Vazhakku enn 18/9.
8. Thadayara Thakka
7. Thuppakki 
6. Naduvula konjam pakkatha kaanum
5. Kumki
4. Mattrraan
3. Naan Ee
2. Nanban
1. Pizza.

A year where content trumped star power. Vijay re established his status at the box office by opening and closing the year with blockbusters. Another little known actor with the same first name stormed into the array with a wildly innovative comedy (NKPK) and a surprisingly original horror flick, which is well on it's way to attain cult status(Pizza). Arun Vijay returned with a refreshingly well made thriller(Thadayara thaakka) but audience stayed away from the film due to the studio's horrible marketing strategy of making the flick look like yet another potboiler. Wild elephants, Conjoined twins and that lovable reincarnated housefly did their part in making the year a memorable one.

The best Hindi films of the year

10. Cocktail
9. Ferrari ki sawaari.
8. Talaash
7. English Vinglish
6. Oh my god!
5. Kahaani
4. Barfi!
3. The gangs of wasseyppur saga
2. Paan Singh Tomar
1. Vicky Donor.

The Khans continued to make money with well placed products rather than well made films. Though I yawned through GOW 1 the second part made me appreciate the saga better though I still think that taken alone, GOW 1 would have never made even my top 20. Enough questions have been asked about how a plagiarized film like "Barfi!" was entered into the Oscar race. Sridevi, despite pushing 50 made us fall in love with her, all over again, but the year belonged to that lovable sperm donor from Delhi who made us burst into gales of laughter and warmed our heart all at the same time.

K Ananth
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