Speculation on Pongal releases- From a common man

Speculation on Pongal releases- From a common man

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It’s been long time where 4 movies are slated for Pongal release and each movie has its own star value. This article is about the elements which I expect from these 4 movies to ensure that I am satisfied with the movie when I walk out of the theatre. These elements were arrived based on star casting, director and technicians, trailer and hypes about the movie. The elements indicated are only primary expectations and if there is something more, then it will be really great


1) Screenplay will no longer be a regular stuff, but will also be intelligent with a strong message told in Kamalhasan style.

2) Being Kamalhasan movie, I expect utmost perfection in all areas and logical flaws cannot be digested.

3) Much talked KATHAK portion will definitely add value to the movie

4) I want this movie to have 100% Tamil nativity which I was disappointed with Mumbai express since that too was made in Hindi simultaneously.


Kanna laddu thinna aasaiya

1) I want this movie to be a 100% fun filled movie, rather than fun in parts and having something serious stuff. Only if it has 100% fun, logical issues can be completely ignored. (Best example is Kalakalappu)

2) The most popular star of Kollywood in 2012 is none other our power star and I am delighted to see him in a complete comedy movie. The factor which drives me crazy is "power star in hands of Santhanam"?? I am sure scenes where Santhanam making fun of power star are going to rollick and I will be very disappointed if this element is slightly below par.

 3) Nowadays Santhanam had become favorite actor among children and he should acknowledge it by avoiding sick 'A' jokes.


1) My surmise after seeing the trailer was that movie is going to have high decibel dialogues, violence, mindless action, punch dialogues and same old mass - masala. But all these things can be tolerated if the packaging is racy and interesting. The best example is "Singam" and I was really unhappy with the "singam" trailer which had all the above mentioned elements, buts its Hari's racy packaging and Suriya's power packed performance which made the movie an enjoyable ride. I do expect such kind of magic in this movie.

2) I expect much on Santhanam's role similar to Vadivel's portion in Thalai nagaram and Marudha malai where both are Suraj movies and without comedy portion I cannot imagine both - Thalai nagaram (or) Marudha malai.

3) Logical flaws cannot be ruled out in this kind of movie, but should be tolerable without much heroism


1) Being touted as an action thriller, I expect this to be racy movie with enough twists and turns with minimal (or) No logical flaws.

2) Many action movies lose their tempo when the track moves to romance, diluting the overall essence. So I expect that songs should be placed only where ever required and romance portion should be interesting

I am waiting……………….

Ram Kumar

Ram Kumar



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