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When the end credits rolled I sat there, the Music of AR Rahman transported me to a different world.
When I look back the movie has three parts.

1.       Thallipogadhe song
2.       Leela
3.       What happens next?


Ever since the single was released it caught everyone’s imagination. The song is about the man’s love (a sign of things to come in the movie where GVM leaves enough hint in the initial portions) and his difficulty to express. Kudos to GVM for thinking differently to place the song at “the moment” of the movie. The same cannot be said about the impact though.



Leela Joseph Raman an obvious reference to VTV made even more obvious by STR’s expression and the song in the background when his sister talks about her friend. Leela comes to stay in her friend’s house for an assignment. She is not only comfortable in talking to her friend’s brother but also loves to spend time with him. Though he falls head over heels neither he nor viewers know about what she feels. Their first conversation where the popular sitcom Friends is shown on TV hints at what’s in store for the viewers. Romance in GVM’s movies is like poetry. Here he gives a musical and has largely succeeded. The lens beautifully captures their conversation, bike trip and their little expressions while the music makes it a delight to watch. Just when it gets way too comfortable we are jolted with “the moment” which turns Leela’s life upside down and also the man whose idea was to go on a bike trip. The original title “Sattendru Maarudhu Vaanilai” is apt for the movie though AYM a suitable alternative.


What happens next?

Leela runs not only for her life and but also tries in vain to save her parents. He is there to save the love of his life and her parents from the abusive cop and a gangster. He has no clue as to whom and why are they gunning for her. Leela is equally clueless. Hats off to DOP for capturing the colour of the night, the fear, the mystery and the heightened tension. Did he manage to save her? Not only the viewers but also the abusive cop Kamath has an answer. Right then the man’s name is revealed which brings a chuckle. Just when we think it’s a good attempt and we brace ourselves for the revelation the movie falls into a quicksand unable to recover.  The man returns so as Leela but by then we have lost interest. AR Rahman’s songs not only heighten our imagination but also transport to a world far from what GVM offers. STR is at his best when he underplays. There are a lot of moments where we feel that the director has positioned the camera to capture his little expressions and also Manjima’s. She is a delight to watch and you don’t feel that it’s her first movie in Tamil especially her dialogue delivery and lip sync is perfect.


PS: When we come out of the theatre we are reminded of the famous dialogue from Nayagan (idhu nalla padama illa?). It’s a fitting tribute (not intentional though) as the director mentioned in one of his interviews about how a scene from Godfather inspired him to write the script.

Krishnan Varadharajan
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