AYM - One of Gautham's Best sans Climax portions

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AYM - One of Gautham's Best sans Climax portions

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Script : A brilliant mixture of Love-Action story from GVM,which struggles in pre-Climax & Climax portions due to unwanted non-GVM Mass moments. GVM's trademark realistic romance & Friendship depiction is a winner again.


Performance : Simbu's at his realistic best, newcomer Manjima makes a mark with her debut.Choreographer Sathish is a surprise here, does his role very well.Other actors like Baba Sehgal (singer), Daniel Balaji do what is expected out of them.


Technicalities : The Cinematography in the romantic & thrilling moments goes so well with the story & characters. Anthony once again wins with smooth cuts in action sequences & overall packaging.


(The way Thalli Pogathey song was handled was just brilliant)
The Oscar Nayagan's songs are the biggest plus for this movie.All the songs appear in first half itself.


A special mention : Thanks to GVM for breaking cliche by choosing Manjima as a Heroine rather going with a popular heroine.


Downer : The unwanted Mass moment in a GVM Film & a non-acceptable flashback told by STR in climax portions


Verdict - Awesome movie leaving aside last 15 minutes

S. Rajagopalan
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