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Director Gautham Menon has taken his favorite genre "love" in the entire first half. The first half was like a beautiful poem with top notch characterisations and natural dialogues, filled with trademark Gautham Menon frames.

Dan MacArthur is other hero of the movie. With his breezy cinematography, pleasure lighting and trendy love frames, he elevates the poetic feel of the scenes in the entire first half. Gautham could have utilized Dan even for the second half.

Dany has shot the second half with additional help from Theni Eashwar and S R Kathir. They give a racy feel to the action and intense frames of the second half, especially using the apt colour tones and lighting for the action and thriller blocks of the second half.

Simbu gives another memorable performance and his combination with Gautham is always special for fans. Simbu's different body tones throughout the movie sometimes help for a few of the scenes in second half. It will be very nice if Simbu trims down back to his lean suit.

Manjima Mohan looks beautiful in all her frames and carries her role with such ease with varying mood swings in her eyes.

Sathish as Simbu's friend was a nice role to gel along with Simbu

The Oscar Nayagan A R Rahman is the evergreen hero of AYM. Gautham himself has told several times that without ARR this movie was nothing. Be it thalli pogadhey or raasali, AYM is undoubtedly one of his best albums of this era. His composure as a musician was very evident in raasali song and Thamarai's lyrics in that song played a concert along with ARR.

Editor Antony's cuts are very natural. His layered editing without confusing the audience and rawness of the second half scenes are laudable. He has gently inserted the villain quest and Manjima's flashback within few frames. This is Antony's brilliant editing work in recent times.
Gautham's placement of thalli pogadhey song was one such example of his brilliance. He ensures that his flair for love never misses the target. Routing the movie to an intense action block with thriller elements in the second half was superbly conceived by Gautham. But the way he executed it just fell short of his conception of the script.

Some of the elements of second half reminded me of Gautham's earlier movie "nadunisi naaigal". But with AYM, Gautham was better than nadunisi naaigal. I believe Gautham would have kept several end notes for the last 15 minutes, and finally he has chosen some of them to wrap the movie as soon as possible. This was the only speed breaker to flip down the entire second half of the movie.

AYM is Gautham's much improvised film making than his earlier movies, but not his best and Simbu's cool role after so many years. This makes the movie watchable for the entire duration of 2 hours 15 minutes.

Venkatesh Ramakrishnan
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