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It's been a while since I was moved by a film enough and was compelled to write about it. To say that Pink is an amazing film is just superfluous. What Pink does is take the conversation around women's abuse to another level, which is absolutely necessary if a society has to evolve. Surprisingly, it's not about "fighting for women's rights, or increasing punishments for crimes against women". It's about choice.


Pink takes you on a roller coaster ride of emotions, questioning the fundamental beliefs you have about what a girl "ought" to do.


Pink revolves around a criminal case filed against a woman and her friends for an attack on a boy when he misbehaved with her. The brilliance of the film is not to show you the incident beforehand (it's shown while the credits are rolling like an afterthought); the point is whatever happened, if a girl said no, anything the boy does after that is an offense and her lashing out is an act of self-defense. Of course, the boy is well connected and he buys and manufactures and smears the evidence, the worst part is the portrayal of the prosecution of the girls to establish their bad character. An ordinary film would've have tried to establish with courtroom tricks and defense magic that the girls were good and they were forced or something, but Pink goes beyond that and questions a simple premise, so what if the girl was drinking, what if the girl was flirting, even if she is a prostitute, it doesn't mean a man can take advantage of her and force himself on her, simple "No" means "No".


Amitabh does a great job as always, as per reviews he was a bipolar person, but due to crisp editing, not much time was spent on exploring his personal history, but his silence in many occasions speaks volumes. Tapsee is a revelation, after seeing her run around the trees in pretty costumes in Telugu movies, she is in her element in Pink. Others do a good job. Aniruddha Chowdary made some very good films in Bengali, with the able assistance of Shoojit Sircar (also producing) he made a wonderful, thought provoking film. So, forget teaching women how to dress, and how to behave, teach boys control, teach them to read the girls' lips, put large hoardings near bars and highways "No means No, Stop means Stop", it doesn't hurt your ego, rather you might come out of this like a gentleman.


Pink - go and watch it, don't judge, just understand

Bhaskar Gandavabi
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