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KALYAANA GALATTA (wedding hungama) will be an apt TAMIL TITLE for PELLI CHOOPULU... (matchmaking)


Yes, filmmaker GAUTAM acquires the Tamil Remake rights of the recent new age Telugu sensational blockbuster PELLI CHOOPULU, under his home production ONDRAGA ENTERTAINMENT.. It'll be emphatically good to experience this vibrant urban entertainer in the CHENNAI milieu..


NOT TO BE MISSED factor in this delightful content must be the essential ingredient for the TAMIL REMAKE..!!..actually a perfect Chettinad dish for TAMIL AUDIENCES..


As the young team (success makers) is in the jubilation moment for having achieved the landmark 100 DAYS, very recently..!!.. I attempt to bring in a crisp insight of this film which stands as a testimony for a small-scale film, lighting upon a wide-scale impact...


PELLI CHOOPULU was released on JULY 29, 2016 to highly positive reviews and box office success, bringing in great profits to the MAKERS & DISTRIBUTORS..



A GLORIOUS ENTERTAINER WITH LIFE..!!..A NEW GEN CHAMPION.. though the film is inspired by Hollywood films like CHEF (2014) & THE 100 FOOT JOURNEY, idea wise and KNOCKED UP (2007) treatment wise.. This Urban Telugu Hyderabadi youthful film is inspired more from the real life couple SIDHANTH SAWKAR and GAUTAMI, founders of SPITFIRE BBQ Truck (food truck enterprise) based in Bengaluru, serving barbecued delights to the food loving Bengalureans, gaining immense love from the clients, resulting in a personal bond with food lovers..!!..

Yes, this film is centralized on food culture which sets up a new milieu for a ROMEDY SETTING, serving a fantastic PELLI CHOOPULU environment..!!..


This film reminds us of many memorable classics like MOUNA RAAGAM (1986), ANAND (2004), WAKE UP SID (2009), BAND BAAJA BAARAAT (2010), 7G RAINBOW COLONY (2004) & LAGE RAHO MUNNABHAI (2006).. And these memories work better or best for the film as itz an additional bonus which developed a wide reach among every set of class audiences, both in domestic and overseas markets.. The director is being compared with the big names like MANI RATNAM (plot wise), SEKHAR KAMMULA (narration wise) PAWAN KALYAN (sound design wise), majorly for his realistic premise, language setting and utilizing the SYNC SOUND medium, effectively..a very rare feat in Telugu Cinema..!!..

BEST DEBUT FILM by a short filmmaker in TELUGU, we can definitely say..!!..And THARUN BHASCKER, the director can be easily crowned as the AYAN MUKHERJI of TELUGU CINEMA..


A VIBRANT FILM from a STRIKING TEAM, indeed.. A grand start.. All the best for this team who had the film which is the current sensation in TELUGU CINEMA realm...Kudos for the trendy music by VIVEK SAGAR and TEAM, the real soul of this film, not to forget the visuals of cinematographer NAGESH BANELL, very prolific finish... .. . Thanks to TAPE LOOP for the uncompromising sound design for this young and fresh film..


the captivating CAST of  PELLI CHOOPULU.. the gleaming stars of KALYAANA GALATTA..


DUO: VIJAY DEVARAKONDA & RITU VARMA, the lead couple - PELLI KODUKU (bridegroom) & PELLI KOOTHURU (bride) - they are the rollicking charm and beauty of this romantic union film.. Though they represent the current urban youth's mind sets, the neatly etched Telugu matrimonial touch makes this film a complete family entertainer, our lead protagonists make the film OKKA MANCHI CAPPUCCINO LAANTI CINEMA.. (one good cappuccino kinda film) they represent a MANCHI MUHURTHAM effect for the film..!!..


The supporting cast - ANISH KURUVILLA, GURURAJ MANEPALLI & KEDAR SHANKAR - these characters represent a GRAND SANGEET effect for the film.. Three different types of fathers in the pursuit of their child's matrimony.. Anish brings in lots of richness with his sophisticated yet a practical father role.. Gururaj brings in some warmth with his strict yet concerned father role.. Kedar brings in some chuckles with his mocking yet responsible father's role.. There characters are surrounded well by the adequate family environment, expressing their statures' distinctly..!!..



The COMEDY BUDDIES - Priyadarshi & Abhay.. The main comedian Priyadarshi is the show stealer with comic dialogues with his unique body language.. supported well by his sidekick Abhay.. A MARRIAGE IS COMPLETE, only after a delicious meal, making everyone really content - these guys offer such a fulfilling space in the film, apart from playing thodu pellikodukus (thunai maappillais) in the film, always befriending our coming of age HERO..!!..


the SOUNDTRACK of PELLICHOOPULU..!!..a well-thought-of music album where the music is effectively used as a story telling instrument, with each song having a specific concept in a light-hearted mode.. Thanks to the young lyricists Rahul Ramakrishna, Shreshta and Shri for conceiving the lyrics, fitting in the mood of the film..!!.. Music director Vivek Sagar is an active contributor to the Hyderabadi Bands CATHARSIS and STIFFNECK SYNDROME and the influence is very ideal in his musical treatment towards this film..!! Olympian dessert.


Vivek Sagar, the musical genius of PELLI CHOOPULU

Let's get into the tracklist of this contemporary yet catchy music zona - EE BABU GARIKI is a country blue song, an energetic number defining the current mood of our male protagonist.. CHINUKU THAAKE is a classic melody, an Ilaiyaraaja base song which deals with the past of our female protagonist.. RAALU RAAGA POOLAMALA is a fusion with proper blues and western music which expresses the tenderness of the carefree youth.. MERISE MERISE is a freestyle song which deals with the blossoming bond of our lively couple.. AANANDAMAYENU is the spirit of this film, which delivers the energy in the setting, a carnatic blend, serving as a theme song.. SPITFIRE FRIENDS is a hip-hop mix expressing the modernity of the film, a jolly rally kinda number.. The music director was very clear of what he has to deliver to the audiences and does his job, really well..!!..


The soundtrack was composed and designed after watching the edited version of the film.. and many the OST were utilized as bgs or bgm for the film..


So Vivek Sagar had the space and freedom to compose for the visuals giving us a fresh feel..!!.. Best soundtrack, calling for repeated listening indeed..calling for repeated viewing also..


Hope the Tamil version recreates the magic of this soulful entertainer, absolutely..!!..

Irwin Augustin
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