A Teaser That Teases Others

A Teaser That Teases Others

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I have seen a teaser today of a promising upcoming film. I was shocked after seeing that teaser. One among the real patient got insulted by the Comedy actor, Hero and by the Director . 

Even though the cancer patients are acquiring cancer after bad habits like tobacco chewing and cigarette smoking, after acquiring the cancer they become helpless patients. Due to the severity of the killing disorder, they have got lot of physical deformities as well as mental deformities . Most of the cancer are not curable and most of the patients are counting their days. In Lung cancer,due to hoarseness of voice, even some of those patients cant talk well as others. Their voices become worse day by day. But mimicking the voices of those diseased persons , after consuming alcohol in a public place like theater is a comedy ? or an Insult or a Hurt - towards those patients  ? 

We have seen lot of comedies in films with Leprosy patients in the past and nowadays in modern society those kind of comedies are not at all acceptable , everybody knows. Like those kind of very old insane comedies, kidding the patients suffering with life threatening disorders like cancer is strongly objectionable in today's modern society. I think , Govt has shown that cancer patient's short film , for the awareness of today's youth  generation. But making fun with those type of sensible advt is really insensitive. The idea behind this teaser is not in favor of public awareness or public interest. Consuming alcohol in a public place like theater itself is an offence and passing comments on the deformity of a real cancerous patient is  another offence. 

Kindly publish my this comment for the sake of public interest. If my comment hurts anybody's feeling please pardon me. 

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