A Letter to Bala Sir

A Letter to Bala Sir

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Before I begin my sincerest congratulations to you on creating a stupendous work of art. I write this letter not because I am your fan, but to thank you for the efforts you take time and again to keep the torch of art burning in Tamil Cinema.

With over a hundred and forty releases in 2012, Tamil cinema has seen tremendous growth in recent years. But for an ardent admirer of cinema-the art, the mere increase in numbers has only meant more disappointments. Even the acclaimed Jambavans of the trade have given in to the demands of commercialism, leaving the soul of cinema in rags. So when I entered the cinema hall today to watch Paradesi I was half expecting to see your way of bowing down to commercial demands at the expense of art. However you kicked me hard (like you did in one of the trailers) and made a loud statement with pride-“Emperors don’t bow, they are bowed to”. Thank you for proving me wrong.

I don’t remember the last time a Tamil movie had such an impact on me. Right from the word go, you hit the bull’s eye. You did not deviate for a second. Yes it was dark, yes it was gruesome and yes it was not an “and they lived happily ever after” tale. It never is. And I think that was the whole point.

In my opinion, the movie’s climax is the part that makes it a classic. The contribution from every department (viz Acting, Cinematography, Editing, Music, Art, Costume, etc) was simply outstanding.

The real matter of concern however is, after seeing such a creation, the kind of questions that sections of the media have been asking you:

Why did you paint the ‘Beautiful’ Vedika black?

 Did you really beat your artists?

 How many times did Adarva fall?

I truly understand your reactions to these questions. Please do not consider them as the voice of the public and let it not in any way hinder your progress in your chosen path. Your work has satiated many art-hungry cinema watchers like me and you have the responsibility to continue doing so - only because you are one among the very few with the tenacity.

As a footnote I did feel some minor glitches in the movie , but I guess the critics have spoken enough about it. I leave this piece of writing as just a salute to a legend.


Thank you,

-An ardent fanatic of artistic cinema

Manikandan K R

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