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As we all know ,the long awaited movie of Pandiraj starring STR ,Nayanthara in lead have finally hit the screens on 27th May 2016 overcoming lots of issues & delays from production side & have created much positive response from audience.

IdhuNammaAalu is a complete realistic love story for true lovers , newly married couples & also for single ones of current generation! First of all ,is there someone who doesn't come across any of these categories in their life? INA is purely a film for all genre of audience, displayed in a realistic way for lovers to fall for the movie & for those who ain't ,the movie makes you to fall in love.

Film features a young man working in an IT company who goes through different phases of love & life!

Thereby ,I have few questions to raise to those giving mixed reviews & bad ratings to degrade the film rather than giving explanations.


• Haven't you had a crush at least once in your life time?
• Haven't you preferred someone you fell the moment you saw them?
• Haven't you had a heartbreak that you lost someone or had someone rejected your proposal?
• Haven't you feared for whether your parents/guardians restrict you or do foul play on your interest of love to divert yourself?
• Haven't you felt bad that your friends are in relationship and you are still remaining single?


• Haven't you been so much excited at the start of your relationship?
• Haven't you been so crazy that you wake up everyday morning with a happy face?
• Haven't you spent most of your time on conversations with your love through various mediums right from telephone booths to mobiles/internet?
• Haven't you kept your job/works in pending just to be in touch with your love?
• Haven't you preferred to travel long enough to meet your love despite the money you spend or time taken to do so?
• Haven't you had crazy talks calling silly nicknames?
• As the days passes by ,Haven't you been depressed/pained for small fights which turns into big ones?
• Haven't you been so much possessive of your love?
• Haven't you felt pain/anger when people around you try to mke decisions for you and your love?
• Haven't few of you had faced pressure from parents side to end the relationship and been forced for an arranged marriage?


Haven't you felt everything new & responsibility had taken control on your head?
Haven't you felt so much matured enough to handle situations & build your family?
Haven't you celebrated & rejoiced each & every happy moments you had in past?
Haven't you given surprises & gifts on events like anniversary ,birthdays of your married one?

These above stages of love and life are being explained clean ,neat & with perfection in INA without any kind of overdose of artificial scenes.

Idhu Namma Aalu is tasting grand success. We STR fans are Proud of Our Star no matter what and thereby believe and trust upon true cinema lovers to watch the film in theatres & support good films & not to encourage piracy.

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