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Simbu aka STR needs to become more disciplined and professional

Behindwoods gets a call from Simbu's team for an exclusive interview as Idhu Namma Aalu special, two days (May 25th) before the movie's release. Based on the request, a Behindwoods team including three camera men, a DoP, a show director, an anchor, camera assistants, with all the camera equipment landed up at the actor's residence sharp on time.

One of his managers, through whom the request for the interview had come, then calls in after an hour and tells the team "Annan thoongittu irukkaaru, naalaikku vechukalaama?" (Brother is sleeping, can we have the interview tomorrow?). He also apologized to us saying it was his mistake in not communicating properly. There is no way a manager will be able to fix up an interview with media groups without prior approval from a star. Okay, and even if he was sleeping, why not wake him up, so that he respects his commitment?

This clearly shows the lack of respect the actor has for others' time. It was not just Behindwoods who had to leave and follow up with the actor's team again for an interview the next day. Behindwoods chose not to follow up.

Let's reassure, we at Behindwoods, aren't reacting about the interview not going through. Giving an interview is an actor's right. But making others wait isn't. We have nothing against Simbu either. Media is a bridge between actors and their fans. Isn't taking media for granted is equal to taking one of the important communication channels to the fans for granted? The sooner people like Simbu realize this, better it is for the industry.

With so many years of reporting about the industry, we keep coming across some of the biggest names being bang on time or holding religiously to what they have committed to.

But, if this is the kind of professionalism one of the leading actors of the Tamil Film Industry is going to exhibit, then God bless the industry, God bless the directors and the producers who work with such actors.

With so much financial investment at stake, actors like Simbu should be the most disciplined and professional. That is the best they would be able to contribute back to their profession.

We chose to publish this letter nine days later, as we informed Simbu what he had done wasn't respectful and gave him enough time to clarify if at all he thought it was wrong. But we have never heard from him till date.


With no intentions to change anyone, with all humility, we at Behindwoods are just registering our sincere thoughts in this article.

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Simbu aka STR needs to become more disciplined and professional

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