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Actors who fall prey to Newton’s 3rd law, Ajith, Vijay


How does it feel when the release of a movie that features your favorite actor is around the corner? Especially when there is a lot of buzz about the movie and the expectations set are really high.

The fan following trend in India is so superfluous that any outsider who happens to pass by a theater during the release of a mass hero movie, will have to hold their jaws from dropping.

If we try to dig out the traces of the hero worship culture in India from a common man’s perspective, it’s quite palpable that it has come out from the basic Indian culture where we pay tributes to our Gods. Most Indians are movie lovers and just like we all have a favorite God, we have a favorite actor too.

As a movie fanatic, it does feel euphoric to be amidst a group of ardent fans who celebrate the release and success of movies. Having said that, when we look at it from a broader viewpoint, I tend to ask myself the question; aren’t we over doing it?  Are we?

The banners, cutouts, garlands and crackers are fair enough as long as it does not disrupt the peace of the general public. But the ‘milk abhishekhams’ and the ‘beer abhishekhams’? I seriously do not know which actor would like to have a beer bath or even a milk bath on that regard.

But the great thing about fans is that, they do not give up on their favorite actor easily. Even if a movie is not good, they make sure they spread good talks about it. Actors are definitely lucky to have such fans. However, if we work our spades through to the other end of the scenario, we might not be able to overlook the fact that this favoritism has a darker side too.

Turning the lights on, on the darker side of the whole concept, we would witness an avalanche of hatred, comparison and fan fights doing the rounds.

“A dyed in the wool fanatic of a particular actor often has an equivalent opposite opinion on another actor who is seen equal to him.” Yes, we may call it the cinematic version of Newton’s third law. But I am sure Newton would not have thought of this when he wrote it.

Fans often tend to abuse or make fun of each other’s idolized actor in terms of height, color or physical structure just to give their own egos a pat on the back. In this incessant battle for pride we do not understand the pitiful fact that we are hurting the feelings of an actor who is also a normal person and has nothing personal with you.

I know some of us would bring up the “Freedom of expression” dialogue here (Advantages of living in India). But hey, they’re just doing their job. If you don’t like an actor, just don’t watch his/her films. If they really are not loved by anyone, the exit doors will always be open for them. It’s as simple as that.

Acting is not a walk on the moon. Actors sacrifice their food, water and go through a lot of physical pain just to do justice to what they are passionate about. I feel we ought to give them that respect. So let’s work on being healthy and sportive movie lovers and support good cinema.


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