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When Ajith turns around and glares at the police officer who holds his arm when they come to arrest him, there was a loud roar in the theater. It was as though the police officer lets go off Ajith’s arm frightened by the response from the audience.

Well, what’s more fun than watching an early morning show of an Ajith movie with celebrities like Simbu, Director Rajesh, Soori, Ashwin Kakamanu , K.E Gnanavelraja and hundreds of other Thala fans.

Arrambam, an apt title for a movie that has lit up the festival of lights with a thunderous blast, has sparked the enthusiasms of the hard core Ajith fans who have been screaming out the actor’s name with pride, ever since the movie released.

When we asked Vishnuvardhan the top three things to look out for in the movie, the director simply replied saying Ajith, Ajith and Ajith. I initially thought it was a smart answer, but after watching the movie I realized that it was the fact. Well, you’ve got to give credit to the others too, who have delivered their best, right from start to finish.

A - August Ajith

With the kind of fan following Ajith has been gaining over the years, the name Ajith is slowly turning out to be an adjective that would share synonyms with different words like August and Classy. Right from his introduction to the climax, the actor is stylish and flamboyant in every frame and his very presence is a thrilling experience for his fans.

R - Radiant Arya

Vishnuvardhan’s second trump card, Arya is youthful and cheerful as ever. Arya’s appearance in the flashback portions is a highlight that can be looked out for and I am sure the hacker has managed to sneak into the server rooms of his sincere followers.

R - Ravishing Nayanthara

Now what do I say about this dazzling lady? The actress has transformed herself from an emotional wife that she played in Raja Rani to a captivating bombshell who looks bold, beautiful and blazing. Nayanthara appears to be fitting into any role that is offered to her and has indeed carved a name for herself on the sophisticated walls of the glam world.

A - Adorable Taapsee

If you would ask me what Taapsee’s best movie is, I would say Arrambam without leaving the thinnest of gaps between the question and the answer. She is sweet throughout the movie and her acting was extremely natural. In a movie that is strictly dominated by action, Taapsee plays the role of a cute comedian who does not fail in any part of the movie except in the three academic papers back in college.

M - Mellow Vishnuvardhan

We are all aware of the immensity in the action packed sequences that feature in the movie and the solidity in the star cast. Driving such a huge team and canning portions of the film as scheduled is a big responsibility and director Vishnuvardhan has been cool headed enough to steer his ship through rough tides.

B - Brainy Om Prakash

You know, our eyes and heart are connected to each other by a secret passage. When our eyes get to capture some brilliant visuals, it directly reaches the heart. Cinematographer Om Prakash has done just that. His sense of framing and the greenish tone that he has maintained throughout the movie forces you to open the doors of the secret passage.

A - Awe inspiring Lee Whittaker, Jagan and Kecha

Another stand out element in the movie is the tremendously choreographed stunt sequences and the full credit goes to the stunt masters whose hard work is clearly visible on screen.

M - Muscular Rana

Although he comes only for about 20 minutes in the film, Rana’s beefed up appearance fills the screen up with awe and he does well enough to make eyeballs shift to his side.

The movie was no doubt a thrilling experience and the fans were indeed happy when they walked out of the theaters. However, when I walked of the theater, there were a few questions that kept swirling around my head. I am not sure if I had overlooked the movie flow that sponged up these questions, but the confusion kept ringing within me.

1. Ajith was shot and kicked off a cliff. How did he reappear from there?

2. Arya and Nayanthara are normal people. How do they learn to shoot with so much accuracy?

3. Where does Ajith get all these guns from?

4. Ajith is a wanted criminal. How did he manage to fly to Dubai without being noticed at the airport?

5. Ajith unlocks his handcuff before the epic van to car jump scene. Where did he get the key from?

I asked these questions to myself a few times and I realized the answer to them lies in the movie itself.


No questions asked. Just go watch and enjoy the film.

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