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Revisiting the PK effect - A tribute for its 100 days!, PK, Aamir Khan


Why I consider PK more than a movie?
Are we all falling prey in the name of God? Are we all fooling ourselves all these days? Are we all ‘peekay’ed in the name of religion? And as these questions pop up, I found the PK character questioning my philosophy of life. Travelling with this movie it U-turned my perspective of God with this reminiscing dialogue, “God created you and ‘YOU’ do not create God”.
‘You pray to God, share whatever you want and ask him for happiness and blessings; but say “NO” to people who voice how to do’ - that’s the insight of PK.
Deadly line:  Apne Apne Bhagwan ki raksha karna band karo, warna is gola me insaan nahi bas joota reh jayega (Stop safeguarding your God, or else this planet will only have shoes and not people)
Whom do I believe then?
What if I trust in all Gods and follow every custom; I will end up mad like PK. This movie doesn’t answer who God is, but admits that God created man. PK says that we are not born with a birthmark that proclaims we are Hindus, Christians or Muslims. We are differentiated on the grounds of birth and not by choice. ‘Believe in God and not the one who tries to associate you to him’.
Deadly line: Asli God fark banata to thappa laga ke bhejtha, hai koi thappa body pe? (God would have marked religions on the body, if he had wished to differentiate between people)
Where has this movie taken me to?
The movie has taken me to the land of religious fundamentalism and made me think, setting aside my superstitious beliefs. It divided my views on God and Godmen, taking me from complex ironies to the tranquillity of life. ‘The first sign of superstitious believes is backing your parent’s religion as such’, once said a friend of mine. Boom, here’s the truth.
Deadly line: “Jo dar gaya woh mandir gaya” (People go to temple once they fear something)
Who is PK?
I am a PK, you are a PK; PK is born in every nook and corner of this world. He is a new born baby; pure, innocent, funny, goofy and religiously skeptical. Pouring his heart out, PK unveils the blind scenario of this world and we being the victims of this open secret. PK has nothing new to reveal nevertheless, it kindles our conscience with its witty portrayal.
Deadly line: Hamare goley pe koi jhooth nahin bolta. (Nobody lies in my planet)
What are Hirani’s movies all about?
Big and bold Hirani has always fascinated and refreshed the thoughts of people. Without any let down Hirani fills his pocket with yet another strong subject akin to Munnabhai MBBS, Lage Raho Munnabhai and 3 Idiots. Munnabhai MBBS showcased the unfair procedures in hospitals, Lage Raho Munnabhai came up with Gandhian ideals, 3 Idiots disclosed the false system of education and Hirani has yet again come up with a brilliant subject on the religious outlook of people.
It is a perfectly blended Hirani movie well played by Aamir Khan with his charismatic acting. No wonder Hirani wields his magic again!!
Deadly line: Ye dekha mera license sex - male, man, aadmi, harami, kameena (Look at my license sex-male, man...)
How it touched my heart?
PK is a bold, heart-to-heart movie giving offbeat viewpoints to my religious followings. I had PK’s magic encircling me while returning home, with its ‘breaking the ice’ moments.
And, finally, the views of people may differ from one another; it’s human nature. To those people who found it anti-religious; try to set aside your inhibitions; take time to relate yourself with the movie and I bet you will discover the ‘wrong numbers’, thanks to the PK in you.
Deadly line: Aise tukur tukur ka dekhat pehchane nahi ka hum ka, hum PK hoon PK. (Why do you stare at me, don’t you recognise me? I am PK)

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