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I love you Thala!!! - Vishnu, Vishnu, Ajith


When I first met Vishnu, he was one among my few college seniors who refrained themselves from ragging us. Vishnu had always been a silent bloke, who did not have too many complains about anything. As far as I know, acting had never been his cup of tea - I still remember him finding it difficult to enact a scene in a drama workshop, which is why I found it really amusing when I noticed his sudden transformation into a popular figure on television.

A little chat with him a few days ago gave me access to the answers of some questions that I had in mind.

Why acting? Since when have you had this interest for acting?

Actually this is a difficult question. As you know, I have done B.Sc Visual Communication and M.Sc Electronics Media. Back in college, I tried acting in short films, even though I was not too interested in acting. However, people kept telling me “Phaaaa. Semma Colour. You can try acting.”

I took those comments seriously and started preparing myself for it. It was later that I realized that they were pulling my leg. But, I am glad that I took it positively, which is why I am here today. Acting had never been my interest, but now it has become my passion after I learnt some basics in it.

.... the ladies want to know this. Like in the serial you are acting in, are you a flirt in real life too?

(laughs) All my friends know the answer to this. I am kind of the same in real life too. But a very good hearted flirt, who knows his limits.

Every actor would have been inspired by some actor as a young aspirant. Who is your inspiration and why?

I am a big time Thala fan. I aspire to share screen space with Thala even if it is just for one shot. That would be a “dream-come-true” moment for me.  Love you thala.

I generally refer many actors. I observe how they emote in different situations and learn from it. Of course, I don’t imitate them, I try to deliver them in my own style.

What is the best comment you have received so far for your performance in Office?

I have definitely been receiving real good feedback. Many of my dear fans have commented on my performance. My boss Pradeep Milroy, programming head - Peter and GM - Sriram have appreciated my performance personally. This television show has given me real good exposure.

Tell us about the feature film you are working in.

I am playing a very important role under a very big production banner. The lead actor of the film is also a very famous actor. I will reveal the details soon. But, its definitely going to be huge.

Abhishek Krishnan


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