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Kattradhu tamil
Kattradhu Tamil - A Kurinji flower in Indian cinema
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Kattradhu tamil
Movie review

Kattradhu Tamil

Cast : Jeeva, Anjali, Karunas

Direction: Ram

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Production: M R Film Productions

Amidst the endless formulaic films which inundate the screens and fade away swiftly here comes a Kurinji flower in the name of Kattradhu Tamil which is going to be talked about for a long time to come. Director Ram deserves a standing ovation for not bowing down to commercial format and sticking to his theme with strong conviction.

Although Tamil M.A. alias Kattradhu Tamil was in the news continuously but still the hype surrounding it was not proportional to its potential. Yuvan Shankar Raja’s music did make people sit up and take notice, but still such a low budgeted movie with minimal marketing push is likely to be ignored in the crowd. However, once in a while a movie re-writes Tamil cinema history and Kattradhu Tamil is one such precious gem.

The movie is about a mentally affected person who gradually becomes a psychopath and comes back to normalcy when his love returns. It also handles a vital social theme of the commercial boom which triggers the inequality in the social structure and its effects. It is not right to let out any more information as it is for the viewers to enjoy and relish this masterpiece.

Kattradhu tamil

This film cannot be termed as an art movie and there is hardly any commercial liberty that has been taken by the director, but he has ensured the seamless integration of the viewer with the characters in the film and has transported them to the world of the protagonist, his life, his love, his anger and his solution in an enjoyable fashion.

The screenplay is brilliant and has certainly set the bar high; the movie swings back and forth the timeline with consummate ease without confusing the viewers. It is very hard to single out the best scenes as every single frame has been chiseled to perfection. The top among the top would be the scene where the protagonist drinks and his unexpected conversation with a BPO employee.

Kattradhu tamil

Make up and the sudden disappearance of Karunas character are the only negligible glitches which certainly can be ignored.

In the acting department the movie is shouldered by Jeeva and the young actor comes up with a performance of his lifetime which will not only fetch him national awards but is sure to catapult him to a higher stratosphere in filmdom. With Kattradhu Tamil, he has carved a niche for himself and has put the first step towards elevating himself to the caliber of artists like Kamal Hassan and Vikram. Debutant Anjali as the simpleton Anandi is a delight to watch and spellbinds the viewer with her beautiful fresh look and her performance. She is certainly going to be flooded with offers. Karunas in a small role excels and evoke laughter. Everyone else in the cast has understood their responsibility and has come up with a natural performance.

The technical departments are of a high order and their hard work certainly shows. The two pillars here are the cinematographer S R Kadhir and the music director Yuvan. Kadhir has captured the moods with amazing precision and the first person camera angle has been tried out beautifully. Yuvan has outdone himself for this classic movie and has come with tunes which will transcend the barrier of time. The touches of his dad are evident at some points in background scores. The dialogue writer needs special mention as whether it is the Tamil or the English dialogues the words are just perfect and some will have a lasting impression on the audience. The producers Siva Prasad and Mohammed Sharief should be appreciated for not falling for any commercial clichés, which could have deteriorated the quality of this landmark movie. Kudos to them for enabling the director to translate his ideas onto the silver screen with a majestic flourish.

Due to the excess violence and bloodshed children can be left behind but others should not miss this world class attempt by Tamil cinema. The word of mouth will be high which will facilitate the movie to have a long innings in the ticket window. We are pretty sure Kamal's Dasavatharam is going to elevate Tamil cinema to the next level but true movie buffs who just cannot wait can also do themselves a favor before that by watching this film.

Kattradhu Tamil is sure to go rounds in many film festivals around the globe and bring glory to Tamil cinema..

Verdict - Must See

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