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Pasupathy m/p Rasakka Palayam
Pasupathy m/p Rasakka Palayam – Terror that terrorizes
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Pasupathy m/p Rasakka Palayam
Movie review

Pasupathy m/p Rasakka Palayam

Cast : Ranjith, Sindu Tulani , Megha Nair , Vivek, Ganja Karuppu

Direction: K Selvabharathy

Music: Deva

Production: JSK Film Corporation

The success of a few shoestring budget movies in recent times has rendered the Tamil cinema scene flooding with more such movies, for better or for worse. In the same breadth, Pasupathy m/p Rasakka Palayam deals with the issue of terrorism blended with an equivalent ratio of the inevitable mother sentiment component.

Although director Selvabharathy chose to delve into a sensitive subject, no evident efforts to make the movie worthwhile are discernible. The director strays from the subject as soon as he embarks on it and relies mostly on the skin show and slapstick comedy thereby conveniently making his job easier. Adding to the agony are a few slipshod performances.

Ranjith loses his father at a tender age and is raised by his mother. His attempts in search of greener pastures bring him to Chennai where he loses his luggage and belongings. A Police Office, played by Vivek, provides him refuge and keeps him as a temp in his police station. In due course, Ranjith helps Vivek in nabbing a notorious terrorist. As fate would have it, Ranjith’s mother falls prey for a grave heart disease.

Pasupathy m/p Rasakka Palayam

Only a surgery, which costs Rs. 5 lakhs, could save her. Under these circumstances, Ranjith joins the terror gang only to help himself and his mother with the requisite money. What happens when Ranjith’s conscience sends him on a guilt trip for his deceit to the terror gang forms the rest of the movie.

Pasupathy m/p Rasakka Palayam

Ranjith tries his best to fit into the shoes of an unfortunate young man. He does his best, however, in the process looks more like a fish out of the water with no cast in the lineup to complement his acting. Sindu Tulani and Megha Nair are used to add zing to the otherwise barren script. Besides, Rani, who plays Ranjith’s mother, puts the viewer through intolerable cruelty, for her expressions aren’t any better than a wooden plank. The director has relied mostly on comedy to pull the movie along and his attempt proves futile, save for the some scenes with Vivek. Coming to think of it, Vivek comes as a saving grace of sorts in the script that fails to treat anything else seriously. The scenes with Ranjith and Ganja Karuppu also promise enough amusement.

Deva’s music predictably fades into insignificance. None of the songs evoke any sense of fondness to the viewer towards his music. Thalapathy Dinesh’s stunt choreography is above reproach and Ranjith did not disappoint in that quarter. Sai Suresh’s editing couldn’t save the movie from sagging as it progresses.

On the whole, Pasupathy is an attempt that lacks proper conviction with an inferior script that decelerates the pace of the movie, if not anything else.

Verdict - Only if you want to be terrorized

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