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Namnaadu – Decent mixture of family and politics
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Movie review


Cast : Sarath Kumar, Karthika, Nazer

Direction: Suresh

Music: Srikanth Deva

Production: S.Ramesh Babu

It is the season of remixes and it’s not surprising that Sharathkumar opted for a safe bet. Besides, given the storyline of this hit Malayalam family-oriented-political entertainer, it’s easy to identify Sharathkumar’s penchant for the plot at a time when he has just launched his own political party marking his entry into Tamil Nadu politics.

Namnaadu follows the life of an aspiring young man, played by Sharathkumar, who is part of a famous political family. Sharath finds himself at odds with his own family members, many of who happen to be successful politicians holding high positions in the government, when they throw the welfare of people out of the window for their own benefit and indulge in pillaging people’s money.

Evidently, Sharath walks out of his family and contests independently in the elections. He challenges the likes of his family and wins the election and eventually it becomes crucial for the government to seek his help to prevent a hung assembly. Sharath demands for the coveted Internal Affairs ministry and was conferred with it.


The rest of the events in the plot - with a little too many holes - as to what Sharath does with his newfound job as the Internal Affairs Minister and how he solves the conundrum involved in his sister’s wedding, are pretty predictable. Namnaadu’s plot is also strewn with the customary family sentiments ranging from a mother’s love towards the waywardly Sharath, the poignant love affair of his sister and his ordeal of a love affair with an ordinary teacher.


Sharath has evidently wanted this movie to be a platform to announce his arrival in the political arena. The dialogues are interspersed with references from the contemporary political scene and Sharath tends to convey that his part in real life politics would be similar to that of his role in Namnaadu. Sharath’s fans are sure to be delighted at the outcome and to add to the amusement, the director has added a couple of brilliantly choreographed stunt scenes – obviously not to disappoint the typical Sharath fan.

Karthika’s debut performance is unremarkable and one can’t help but think that she be better off in Malayalam movies. Adding to the affliction is the girl who plays Sharath’s sister.

She could just not get her expressions right and subjects herself and the viewers to interminable sufferance. Rajkapur’s flicker of a role provides momentary relief from the otherwise political-turmoil-ridden plot. Charanraj, Nasser, Manivannan, and Ramesh Kannan are part of Namnaadu too.

There has obviously not been any significance whatsoever paid towards the music that is palpable from the songs. Srikanth Deva did not seem to have any reservations in lifting notes from his father’s songs. For the ‘Kadhal Endra’ song’s notes are blatantly lifted from Deva’s ‘O Nenje Nenje’ – a song from the movie Mugavari.

Editing fastens the pace of the movie and the camera complements the direction. Director Suresh did a fairly well job in regionalizing the Malayalam movie. For the original version is a blend of comedy and social issues.

Verdict - If you are a Sharath fan, totally

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