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Sivi Movie Review
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Movie review


Cast : Yogi, Jayashree Rao, Funky Shankar, Anuja

Direction: K R Senthil Nathan

Music: Dharan

Production: K Sundar

First things first- What is the meaning of Sivi? Is it Sibi wrongly spelt? According to the film maker, Sivi happens to be the snake that adorns Lord Shiva’s neck. What is the link between the snake and the film? Is this some kind of devotional film which generally storms the screens during some holy months? These are some of the questions that haunt you before embarking on a journey to watch this film.

But Sivi revolves around a ghost which tightly clutches the shoulders of one of the characters just like a monitor lizard. To reveal the identity of this person is to spill the beans in this suspense thriller. So… please go and watch Sivi to know the details.

Yogi, Jayashree Rao, Funky Shankar, and Anuja take on the lead roles and have been successful in scaring the wits out of us. The attempts of Chittibabu, Aarthi and Benjamin in providing the comic relief fails flat in its purpose but at the same time provides some kind of breather from the frightening scenes and also acts as a break time to prepare oneself for the ensuing panic.


Although the film has been inspired by the Thai film Shutter, Sivi does not in any way weigh lesser than the original. The credit should certainly go to the young music composer Dharan who has enjoyed his work and threatened us continuously with his music. For any suspense thriller, the success of the film mainly depends on the background score and the director can feel proud of the fact that his music director has understood his role perfectly well and has delivered the goods with a sharp flourish. A song each features in the pre and post interval session. Already a chartbuster, the numbers are filmed with an aesthetic appeal.


Since the primary objective of the film is to frighten the audience, some of the faux pas of the film can be overlooked. The director, cinematographer and the music director have all worked singularly to terrorize the viewers and their goal has been realized. Debutant director Senthil Nathan has diligently worked hard and the film stands a testimony to his efforts. A bright future is in store for this talented director. Seamless and taut editing by Sasikumar spices up the terror quotient of the film.

Ladies and children are likely to keep off from this film. Gents, please go with an escort. Sivi is tough even for the bravest souls. Some sequences like in the library while trying to see photos, the meeting of Shankar and Yogi at the formers house, the climax chase of Yogi by the ghost are examples where one can feel their heart in their mouth. Though there are shades of cinematic flavor in the climax scene, it can be excused.

The film has a bright chance of becoming a commercial success.

Verdict - Thriller

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