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Interview Team : Kaushik L M

Amyra Dastur got an amazing launchpad through Anegan. This was a launch which any young girl would dream of. Opposite Dhanush, and under K.V.Anand’s directorial baton, Anegan was a grand AGS production. The film has been met with good reviews and handsome box-office success. Importantly, Amyra has been accepted widely and she couldn’t have asked for a better debut down South. In this conversation with Kaushik, Amyra is evidently happy and in a good mood.

How has the aftermath of Anegan been? 

Everyone seems to love the movie, it's all I could really want honestly. I am really really happy. People are very pleased with my performance. I saw the first show on Friday in Chennai on Feb 13th. It was real fun, hearing all the screaming, clapping, whistling and shouting.

Are you aware of how big Dangamaari is?


I see a lot of videos posted by fans in Twitter when I log in since I am active in the space. It's so wonderful seeing fans getting up in theaters and dancing madly for the song.
I see some of the fan-made versions too, once in a while when I am online. The one done in New York or LA was really cool and I was thinking "Oh wow, the song is doing well, there too"

Were you in Hyderabad recently for the Telugu version’s release? 


No, I didn't go to Hyderabad for the release promotions, but I am hearing some really good things that Anekudu is doing as well as Anegan. Lovely.

Were you happy seeing yourself on screen in a Tamil film for the first time? How did it feel? 


I was happy with my work, surprisingly. Generally I am my biggest critic, but this has happened for the first time I guess. All of us - me, Dhanush and the team, saw a special screening of the film in the producer Agoram sir's private 10 - 15 seater theater at his home on Wednesday, 2 days prior to the film's release. I felt so happy when I left the screening and was confident that the film was going to do well. There was no tension whatsoever and I felt totally relieved that this was a good film overall, and not just because I was pleased with my performance.
I was genuinely entertained despite not knowing Tamil, and this was the case with my manager too, who just dropped by on the set for a bit during the shoots. She came back after the screening and told me that she liked the film and that she understood it despite not knowing the language. We were worried initially, as Anegan is a bit complicated with the four timelines and all, and we wanted the common man to understand it as that matters a lot. So when I liked it and my manager liked it, despite not understanding the language, I was sure that the film was going to do well with the masses too.

We were worried initially, as Anegan is a bit complicated.

Did your family and friends see the movie? 


They haven't seen the movie as it hasn't released in Mumbai yet. The producers want to release the Hindi version. KV sir isn't giving me the DVD either, as he fears that I would pass it around to my circle (laughs).


When is the Hindi version releasing? 

I don't know it yet. The producers are planning a proper month, as I have my Hindi film coming up in April. It would be odd if both my releases come around the same time. Even the Telugu version came almost after a month post the release in Tamil Nadu. So the producers are spacing it out, which I think is a good marketing idea. 
The Hindi version couldn't come out in February as Dhanush had Shamitabh and now in April, I have my release. So we have to plan it out in such a way that both of us don't have other releases, so that we can focus on the marketing and promotions part, as this aspect is quite important in Bollywood. We also need a date where there isn't much of a crowd from the other releases. Hopefully all of us would be able to help, with a proper date.

We also need a date where there isn't much of a crowd from the other releases.


Which is your favorite among all the roles in Anegan? 

Playing Kalyani was really challenging, and I loved it. It was hard as I had many lines to deliver. She wasn’t a normal Chennai girl and was a proper South Indian Brahmin girl. I even had to learn Bharatanatyam dance for it, which was even harder.
Playing Samudhra was easier. I had to just convince the audience that I was an innocent 13 year old girl, madly in love. The dialogues weren't much and I had to just emote and act it out convincingly. KV sir allowed us to do it in our way, and with not many lines I felt that it was easier to do this part.

Playing Samudhra was easier.


The scene for which you took the maximum takes?

It must have been some scene with Karthik sir as he would just make me laugh always. I don’t remember exactly which scene that is.


Your favorite scene and the most difficult one? 

My favorite scene is the one where we are shot at under the water, after jumping off the ship. It was very tough to shoot as well. Om sir couldn't swim, and we couldn't hear anything from under the water so we needed to keep coming up to get the instructions from our crew. On top of it, I was wearing a saree for this scene. It was really funny too (chuckles)

What about the giant wheel scene? It looked grand on screen


That was also properly done, the crew built a giant wheel and all yaa (laughs). We did all our stunts on our own with proper ropes and safety measures. It was terrifying.

Since your lip sync in Anegan was spot on, any improvement in Tamil now?


No, I am not any better with my Tamil now. It is the same as when I started off doing Anegan. Don't ask me if I know Tamil (laughs)

What next?


You'll be surprised. A big announcement is coming your way. Stay tuned.
We are definitely tuned in Amyra. Don’t keep us waiting long … 



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