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If a person likes to enjoy a film with an out of the box story line coupled with an intelligent screenplay then the best option for him is to watch a magical on-screen extravaganza of K.V.Anand. Anegan, his recent directorial attempt is in no way short of his actual reputation but in fact his next big step in this part of the competitive cine world. Now, in addition to the KV brand, Anegan has the South India’s, especially Tamil Nadu’s pan-Indian appeal, Dhanush, who is coming after satisfying his audience with his recent outings, VIP and Shamitabh. Dhanush, K.V.Anand and Harris Jayaraj were the driving force during the pre-release phase of this movie. But after the release of the movie, one can see the hard work in each and every department of this movie.
Anegan seems to be another product in Dhanush’s success basket as the audience are rejoicing the feel that the movie has given them. One can strongly claim that Dhanush is an actor who has a strong youth audience base next to the Thala-Thalapathy combo in Tamil Nadu. As far as the movie is concerned, there are four different characters for Dhanush. Out of the four, Kaali character has been designed to satisfy the mass factor that Dhanush’s fans expect from him. In fact Kaali has surpassed the expectations. One can see Dhanush delivering dialogues in different slangs for the each of the characters. He has used wigs for the three characters other than that of the Ashwin character. He utters many dialogues that relate well to his real life character and status. Characters that have been offered to Veteran actor Karthik and the readily acceptable new comer Amyra Dastur have an equal weightage to that of Dhanush’s characters. Dhanush has to be appreciated for sharing the screen presence with a seasoned actor like Karthik and for giving his character the much needed scope to perform.
After Karthik completes his part of the dialogues in a pre climax sequence, Dhanush spontaneously imitates Karthik’s style of dialogue delivery and body language which in fact received a thundering response from the audience.
Actor Karthik saves his best for the pre climax sequences. Tamil cinema has seen heroes delivering dialogues in a poetic manner. But for the first time, the audience get to see a Villain delivering the dialogues in a poetic way accompanied by a menacing tone. His spontaneity gave the audience an awestruck experience. People love the ‘huh’ filler that Karthik utters in between his dialogues.
Despite being a new comer, Amyra Dastur delivers her best and stamps her identity amidst the sea of seasoned actors. She could well be termed as the Alia Bhatt of Kollywood for her on screen acting. She does all she could do to justify the meaty role provided to her. Guys would love the cute flying kiss that Amyra gives to Dhanush in the movie.
Jagan has been offered with a decent role similar to that of K.V.Anand’s previous ventures. His role is not just meant for rib tickling business but a sensible one as well. He has performed it well especially the scene where he pleads a soldier to let Dhanush into the ship. It is where he stands out as well.
Musical mesmerizer, Harris Jayaraj, who strikes a chord with the youth, with at least one song in each of his movie album, has done the same in Anegan too. Even with ‘Dangamaari’ receiving an extraordinary response from the audience, other songs too sound more than decent with the BGM giving the necessary feel for the movie. ‘Dangamaari’ impact has taken Dhanush even closer to the youth audience’s heart.
One can expect some good visuals in K.V.Anand’s movies. Obviously we could experience such outputs in this movie too. The man behind such a work is Om Prakash. Om Prakash has provided the much needed grandeur.
K.V.Anand-Subha combo has attained success in this movie too. Like that of Ko, Villain could be guessed easily but the motto behind the Villain is something which pulls the audience’s attraction. As of now, this movie could well be defined as the most complicated movie of K.V.Anand. But the screenplay was so engaging that it never let the audience relax. Similar to that of his previous movies, this venture too has the K.V.Anand’s ‘touches’ such as the Amyra character’s Lesbian sequence with the servant etc., Songs have been picturized well. In this way, KV brand remains intact in many portions of this movie. There is a sequence in the movie that had the opportunity to rip the cruelty of the discrimination that the caste system had brought in. But much was not dug into that concept. On the whole, K.V.Anand and team has provided us a roller coaster ride which is a perfect outing for friends and couples.
Dhileepan Kumaresan

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