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Interview Team : Abishek Raaja; Balasaravanan

The soul behind the evergreen tunes of Subramaniapuram, Pasanga and Naanayam is doubling as a story-teller also with Vaanavil Vaazhkai, a new-age musical with a bunch of newbies for a fun-filled, lighthearted entertainer.    

The director in James Vasanthan is out. Wanted this to be your first? 


Though I always knew I would direct a film, I never actually was planning anything about it. Since, I wasn't getting good films to do music, or I wasn't given the opportunity to try out anything new, I ended up turning a director myself. Doing a musical was always my dream and if it is someone who can do it, it is only a musician like me who can, and that’s why this musical.

 I wasn't given the opportunity to try out anything new

Is it easier to extract work from the younger generation? All of them are new-comers. How was the experience? 


It is easy with youngsters because they are always fresh and malleable. If they are new-comers, I too am, as a director. It was thoroughly an enjoyable experience. None of us ever felt any pressure under any circumstance. Since I had this movie so vividly in my head, it wasn't so difficult to bring it into visuals.

How has the new-age musical component in the film come by? What were your reference points?


Actually, there is not much of new-age music in this particular film. I had always thought of doing pop & pop-rock music in my first musical, which is classic. And certainly my reference points were the genre of music I grew up with - Deep Purple, America, Status Quo etc.,

Is the director’s hat heavier than the music-director’s hat? 


I never felt any pressure at any point. The only challenge was the time since I juggled between - writing script, lyrics, music and direction..! 

Why are you so choosy about your projects? 


It's just that I cannot walk the beaten track and I want to try out something new... in whatever I do. I look for people who have freshness in approach and who give me space to create something new.

Will Vaanavil Vaazhkai be a reboot of sorts? Bringing back the Subramaniapuram days? 


A reboot for different genre of music, maybe... but Subramaniapuram and this will have no connection, in any way... more especially the music... If people walked into this cinema with 'Kangal Irandaal' in mind, they are in for a shock... 

Is VV the ideal launch-pad for all those aspiring actors in your film? 


Oh certainly... you can see some fresh young talents with no cinema in them... they are natural and they will be natural on screen, too. But, this bunch is more aspiring musicians than actors... but now that they have got a new platform, they are ready for both.

Please tell us about VV in simple words. What is it about? 


VV is a light-hearted musical entertainer. It is a campus musical with incidents everyone can identify themselves with. It is a simple narration of the college phase of life from the musically inclined youngsters' point of view. 

What can be our expectations about VV? 


Do not come with any. If you can enjoy unadulterated cool music, you will be in for a treat. 

What are your future projects?


Music will always remain my first priority. I am still waiting for good directors (New and established) and good scripts, to do some good music. But, I will also continue treading my direction path... 



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