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Interview Team : D Meera Chithirappaavai; Ameenuddin; Venkat; Kaushik L M

Actor Krishna, who is banking on the laurels Yatchan is going to bring to him and his team, engages in a quick chat with me, Meera. As an interviewer, I have almost completely acquired the understanding of how difficult it is to catch hold of an actor close to his film’s release. After waiting for quite awhile, Eureka!!! I manage to catch hold of this fun, hyper enthusiastic actor. Read on to catch a fun conversation between two hilarious people.

Why Vishnu thinks this is THE film for you as an actor?

Because Yatchan has helped me discover the unexplored facets of me as an actor. (Too serious but unavoidable as every film is a crucial one for an actor)

How different is Vishnu as a director

He is very focused and systematic (in a serious tone) but keeps changing his dialogue (and both of us burst out laughing). On a serious note, he believes in spontaneity and improvises dialogues on spot.

So even you would have had the space for improvisation right… (with a *stating the obvious* tone)

Aiyeyeeee…. Nothing like that. If you just recreate what he does, it is more than enough. Actually we had a deal, performance improv I will do, scene improv he will do. (Fair enough)

Swati on and off screen… (expecting some good selling points like any other journalist. You know salability is important :P)

We have signed two films together. This is our first release. I have known her for 5 years now, (Now I know why you guys look so comfortable with each other in your scenes) so the chemistry between us comes by default (and I am right)

Having her around is extremely comforting. She says “Good morning baby” when she sees me, You know that's how we are (YES, I am not letting go off Swati with just this question)

In a particular scene with Arya, Deepa, Swati and myself the main dialogue was between Arya and Deepa. Both of us were doing some random stuff in the background. After the edit, Vishnu came and asked me to explain what we were up to. I said we were in character. He said, “You guys seem to be way more in character” (I need to look out for this scene, definitely)

 She says “Good morning baby”

Other characters in the film

Almost all artists were selected in a way, such that their personal character traits were quite similar to that of the character’s. Nobody had to force anything out of them deliberately. Swati is a brat in real life, so is she in the film too. Deepa is a calm and quiet person both in reel and real. Vishnu chose us mainly because of our personal traits I feel. (Call that an idea. Good one Vishnu sir)


Deepa is a calm and quiet person both in reel and real.

Had a good time teasing the heroines? We know Arya is a pro (It is a nightmare to be caught in between two men with great sense of humour. Ask me about it, I am a Phd in that)

We used to have extreme fun teasing Deepa and Swati. Swati is a sport but it was sad that Deepa couldn’t handle it. (Victorious laughter)

What would you do if you were asked to scandalize your brother? (The naughty me peeps out)

I would message him saying Swati and I are secretly married (Krishna, the world will be scandalized with this statement, wait and see)

If given a chance to punish Arya, what would you do? (Let’s build some controversy I say :P)

I will drop him in an island with just men around. He has way too many girlfriends for me to handle. (The child in me is confused on why he must handle his girlfriends. Must ask him the next time I catch him) I feel this island would be more like a rehabilitation centre for him.

I feel this island would be more like a rehabilitation centre for him.

If somebody asks you to plot against Swati what would you do (My horse of imagination seems to be on a mad race today)

I will invent an anti-Redbull to tone down her energy level.

What would be that difficult thing which Yuvan cannot handle?

Yuvan will go crazy if I super glue him to his keyboard. He always keeps wandering around, he cannot stay in one spot for more than few minutes. (That is quite a ruthless one)


On a serious note, what is that one point that makes Yuvan’s albums for your brother always special?

Vishnu does not give references,. He rather explains the scenario and creates an inspiring situation for a song sequence. Superstar, in a speech, said that he is a horse and not an elephant because even after a failure, a horse immediately manages to rise up and elope. I think Yuvan is also a horse.

Yuvan is also a horse.

Pandigai, your next project… (That first look poster did scare me)

It is about underground fighters. Literally because it is underground, nobody really knows the intensity of this gamble, betting and fighting that happens. Like Kazhugu, this is an interesting area that has not been explored previously.

Impress me with your sense of humour by giving out statements for the following

Current state of the film industry

Please stop giving Pongal and Upma for breakfast as part of unit food. It makes people sleepy. (Yes, Pongal should be re-christened as Sleeping pills)


We must do multi starrers as the fans who come to watch the other star will also eventually become our fan. Strategically widening the fan base. (Too smart for the industry)


Success and failures come in equal intervals. Just get used to it. (He seems to have mastered this art)

Give a promotional tagline for Yatchan

Yatchan - under doubt (That was a quick and a cool one)

Congratulations, as we have come to the end of this fun chat session. Please give away the traditional closing note.

Watch more films only in theatres. Kill piracy.

(Krishna signed off with a sudden serious message and I am wondering what the title of the interview should be…)




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