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Interview Team : Kaushik L M; D Meera Chithirappaavai; Balasaravanan

After passing the majority of his career in a pretty low profile manner, 2015 began with that much-needed big bang for Arun Vijay thanks to all the buzz surrounding Yennai Arindhaal, its release and subsequently all the positive reception that he received for his aggressive and intense portrayal of the role Victor. It was a ‘phoenix’ moment for Arun, who is now busy with a handful of films and is awaiting the release of Vaa Deal anytime soon. Arun has also started his own production house named ICE - In Cinemas Entertainment. With the spotlight on this hunk, we catch up with him for a freewheeling chat. 

How is the post-Yennai Arindhaal period like?


I did this film purely because of Gautham sir and Ajith sir. One knows Gautham sir’s quality of work and that made me confidently take up the ‘Victor’ role after a contrasting role in my previous Thadaiyara Thaakka. I did expect good reception for this character but the degree of mass appeal that Victor has garnered, comes as a big surprise to me. What surprised me more is the way Ajith sir’s fans have celebrated the role apart from the general audience.

What was the preparation like for Yennai Arindhaal?


I was on a strict diet, everything I ate was literally measured. It was completely because of the scope that my character offered. Many people thought it was just a simple character as Ajith sir’s friend, I had to prove them wrong. I was highly focussed and only I knew what this journey was taking me towards. Of course, Gautham sir acknowledged my efforts and made sure to give the right platform which will elevate my efforts. That is the victory tale of Victor.


Your views about the popular feeling that Victor carried the shade of Gautham Menon’s other celebrated villains.

No, I think it is very different. Victor is not brutal. He holds lot of emotions like love, betrayal, revenge etc. The other villains were hated by the audience for obvious reasons while people loved Victor for the dynamics that the character held. I definitely would not deny the influence of Gautham sir’s style but he always gave me the space to behave the way I conceived the character.


Your appraisal of the following combinations - Kaakka Kaakka Suriya - Jeevan, Vettaiyadu Vilayadu Kamal - Daniel Balaji and Yennai Arindhaal Ajith - Arun Vijay 

Each one rendered a great performance and did justice to the role. Suriya took us by surprise in Kaakka Kaakka whereas we saw Kamal sir in the way we would love to see him. In our film, Ajith sir was seen in 4 get ups and looked very comfortable in each stage.
While comparing the antagonists, only difference is both Balaji and Jeevan were new faces and the audience had no expectations on them. In Yennai Arindhaal they wanted to see what Arun Vijay was upto. I am very thrilled that the role surpassed their expectations.


Would you have chosen Sathyadev’s character, if given a choice? 

Definitely yes. Ajith sir rendered it his way while I would give my touch and the shade will differ. If you ask me in what way it will differ, I can answer it only if I play that role.


Now tell us about your father Vijayakumar’s reaction after Yennai Arindhaal

Initially he didn't know that I was doing a negative role or anything at all about Yennai Arindhaal. He noticed my late night returns to home after my workout sessions and was surprised to see the hard work that I was investing into this project. Now, after seeing the film he simply came and hugged me. He was more than happy for me and the film. He receives more appreciation calls than me. I am glad that I was able to keep him in this position.


Beyond Yennai Arindhaal, Thadaiyara Thaakka was another film which earned you RESPECT

It is the best film in my career. May be that was one of the reasons which led Gautham sir to me. I discovered my strengths through this film. If Victor’s style is appreciated today, my character in Thadaiyara Thaakka is one of the reasons.

Thadaiyara Thaakka is the best film in my career.


How about your correspondence with Ajith before getting into Yennai Arindhaal? 

During the making of my first film, Murai Mappillai, Ajith used to always check on me through another actor who simultaneously worked for our films. All that I knew was that he was always concerned about me. From the beginning, he always appreciated my dance and performance.

Few years back, we coincidentally met in a public place and ended up having a 40 mins long conversation. He said that Vaali was one movie that introduced a different shade to him as an actor, and advised me to take up a negative role as he thought that the scope to perform and reach people is high there. I was waiting for an ideal script. Then destiny led me back to him like the saying “The right people, at the right time, at the right place”. This worked for me big time.
Even while working together, Ajith sir was humble enough to offer me space to feel comfortable and perform without any inhibitions. We complemented each other from the very first day of the shoot.

All that I knew was that Ajith was always concerned about me.


You started off in the 90s along with Vijay, Ajith and Suriya. What’s your take on their success and level now? 

I will include myself in Suriya’s batch whereas Vijay and Ajith were seniors to me. Suriya was my senior in college and we went to the same gymnastics class. He always appreciated me for my skills there. I think everybody has worked their way up to the status that they are at, right now. Of course, the effort and time has to be favourable.


Ever felt low when your career wasn’t soaring as expected? 

Yes, there were times when I felt low when success reached a few who did not work that hard for it or who did not value it that much . As far as my career is concerned, I think I am only growing gradually. I am just 19 films old. I think I am making a very progressive move up in my career. Even when I failed, I blamed myself and that led to my growth. I never give up, that's my mantra.

I never give up, that's my mantra.


Your perseverance as an actor is extra-ordinary

I am a passionate actor. No failure really put me down or made me decide to take up something else and pursue acting just on a part time basis. The support that I received from my family, friends and fans kept me going. Though I was able to do just one film over two years, it was accepted in a good way. Luckily, I haven't been pushed into the over-exposed zone. I awaited good scripts and I was strong that no matter what, I will only be an actor.


Of late, the films that you did for Feather Touch Entertainment helped you sustain to an extent right? 

In the past 7 years, I had worked only in this production banner. From Malai Malai, Maanja Velu to Thadaiyara Thaakka, I saw it getting better and better. Malai Malai was targeted at the rural audience and it succeeded to impress them while Thadaiyara Thaakka was for the urban lot. Now Yennai Arindhaal has opened me up to both class and mass. We always plan movies keeping in mind the target audience and Vaa Deal is also a planned outing.


The upcoming projects

Vaa Deal is in the pipeline and it will be released shortly. I am open to scripts. Fortunately the success of Yennai Arindhaal has given me the space to be selective. The next ventures will be crucial for me, after the response I have received for Victor. I would love to do a cop story with a cult idea. Lets see which one takes me forward.
Arun Vijay signs off by thanking everyone who has supported him through his journey and seeks their support for his future endeavours too! With promising films not just in Tamil, but also in Kannada and Telugu, ‘Victor’ Arun is bound to keep rocking … 




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