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Interview Team : Sudharshan; Hemananth

Having proved her class and efficiency in her first movie, 3 (Moonu), director Aishwarya Dhanush is almost ready with her second project, Vai Raja Vai featuring Gautham Karthik and Priya Anand in the lead. Following the teaser release, Aishwarya takes time to chat with Sudharshan Giridhar, Correspondent,, and personally pitches her new venture. 


Vai Raja Vai…

One thing I can promise you is that that it’ll be very different from my first project, 3. I wanted to try something new after 3 and with Vai Raja Vai (VRV) I believe I have. I sincerely hope that I have met the expectation of the people. It’s an out and out commercial entertainer and an enjoyable one at that.


What makes Vai Raja Vai and 3 poles apart?

Firstly, my previous project, 3 was well received by all and I believe that I have been accepted as a director, who is capable of delivering quality films and people do expect something different from me. Me and my team have worked hard to meet that expectation.

Starting from the genre to the content and performances, Vai Raja Vai and 3 are polar opposites. While 3 was extremely intense and dark, VRV will be a racy commercial entertainer.

Vai Raja Vai will not be as performance oriented as 3. Never the less it will have some amazing performances.

I didn’t want to be stereotyped. Instead, I want to be known for my adaptability to different genres. That’s the reason behind coming up with something like Vai Raja Vai.

Vai Raja Vai will have some amazing performances.


The cryptic first look posters and the new teaser…

First look posters are the first set of weapons set free with an intend to create curiosity among the people. I wanted to keep the audiences guessing. I think the posters have done its job well. Now it’s up to the teaser to do its job – to raise the expectation.

Do not expect the teaser to reveal the whole plot. That will remain a secret until the film releases. But, the teaser will give you a better idea of what to expect from the film.

Do not expect the teaser to reveal the whole plot.


The central characters…

Vai Raja Vai moves around a variety of very interesting characters. Gautham Karthik plays the protagonist and the whole story is about how his life turns around due to the situations he is put to. Priya Anand, Vivek sir, Daniel Balaji, Mano Bala, Gayathri Raghuram and others too play crucial parts in making the movie racy.

Vai Raja Vai moves around a variety of very interesting characters


Madhan Karky..

Apart from the songs, Karky’s magical touch will also be present in the dialogues. His involvement in the dialogues department is one of the biggest assets of Vai Raja Vai. I in fact asked him if he could do a role in the film. But, he preferred to stick to his own department.

Madhan Karky's involvement in the dialogues department is one of the biggest assets of Vai Raja Vai


The locations…

Apart from Chennai, we have shot few important sequences in Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia and Goa. In Japan we canned a song.


What can we expect from Vai Raja Vai’s album?

The fact that 3 set a huge musical benchmark was a reason why I had to go with another composer. I didn’t want that to be a pressure on us. Also, rather than sticking to one person, I desire to work with a variety of talents. Yuvan’s also a good friend of mine and he is a very senior artiste, who knows cinema well.

Yuvan's a good friend of mine




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