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Interview Team : Kaushik L M

In Part 2 of his interview with Kaushik.L.M, Anirudh Ravichander opens up about his future plans, his ideas for the independent music scene, his upcoming personal concert and also the much expected Kaththi.

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What is your vision for Tamil film music? Any interesting future ideas?

Each album should take me to the next level. For example, one of my upcoming films Aakko is an interesting one. People even questioned my decision to choose this film, which didn't have any big names, but I went ahead and signed it as I felt that the film had the scope for me to travel in a genre which I like very much – electronic music. It will be very funky and enjoyable.

I have been here only for 2 years, so I won’t use big words like vision (laughs). But yes, each album should take me to the next level.


Can you tell us about Kaththi’s music? What can we expect from this album? 

Kaththi is definitely the most expected among my upcoming projects. I always put in equal efforts for all my projects and the same applies to Kaththi. Such a big project has happened so soon to me and I am making sure that the album will satisfy Vijay Sir's mass base and also general music lovers. Director Murugadoss has given me complete creative freedom and I am inspired to give my best. It's a good challenge and I am sure that Kaththi will be one of the best albums.

2 songs from the movie have already been shot. There are a total of 5 songs and a rocking theme track in the film. I and Aadhi have lent the vocals for Vijay Sir's intro number in the film. And yes, we are definitely planning to have Vijay Sir sing for the album.

We are definitely planning to have Vijay Sir sing for the album.


When will you launch your much-expected independent album? In your album, will you express some musical ideas that can’t be tried out in your film assignments?

Yes, I have plans in this regard and this year I would definitely release my first album. I have about 800 to 900 fully composed songs in my tune bank. I won’t use those tracks for films, as they are a separate repertoire which I may use for my independent albums.

I come from the band scene and wish to give back something to the independent music space. All the limelight is on cinema and now if I go back and contribute towards independent music, I feel it would be a boost to the scene and more artists would be encouraged. Even Aadhi got wider reach and recognition only after coming to movies, even though he was a successful artist in the independent music scene. I wish to bridge the gap between film music and independent music and this year, hopefully it will happen.

I have about 800 to 900 fully composed songs with me


When can we see Anirudh in a full-fledged personal concert? 

I haven’t done any mainstream concert till now. There have been many requests but I wish to make it really big and memorable. This year, my first concert will surely be held and it will be truly grand. More details about it will be revealed in the coming days but it will be a multi-country tour and some of my extra non-film tracks would be featured in my concert.


Will you continue to just make special cameo appearances or is there a full-fledged role in the offing soon?

Initially I wasn’t sure if ‘Chennai City Gangsta’ would work and was skeptical about making an on-screen appearance, as a budding music composer. But after the director’s request, I did it and gave it a shot. I understood how difficult it is for actors while shooting for that song. Technicians generally work from the confines of a comfortable A/C room but actors do suffer a lot.

Acting is not my forte and I am not interested in it. I have got a very big start as a composer and wish to capitalize on it. I don’t wish to get diverted from my core area of competency.

Cameo roles are done just for friendship and to have some fun. Such appearances are also enjoyed in theaters and recently I danced for ‘Open the Tasmac’ with Siva.

I understood how difficult it is for actors while shooting for Chennai City Gangsta


Anirudh, 10 years from now and 20 years from now? 

It would be the same Anirudh (laughs). All my focus is on the very next project and to give my best efforts and better my previous album and the level that I achieved in that film. All my work and aspirations are based on project to project, and they are all short term goals. I don’t have any long terms goals and in fact I didn’t have any goal while coming in. But now after 5 big albums, my efforts have become bigger to live up to my level.

Finally I want to say a very big thanks to the audience. Such big growth in such a short span of time was totally unexpected and it’s very rare in cinema. I have to safeguard and better whatever I have done till date.



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