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By S Vikram | Aug 21, 2019 12:41 PM

As per the new law in Thailand,  Family Protection and Development Promotion Act, smoking inside the house is prohibited and can land the violators in Jail. As per News 18, the law would have been brought into effect from August 20 (Tuesday). The motive of the law is to reduce smoking at home which might be harmful to others who are living in the same home. Therefore, it will be considered as 'domestic violence'. 

Smoking inside house in Thailand is violance in Thailand

"If it can be proved that the health problems of family members stem from second- or third-hand smoke at home, it can lead to two court trials: one in Criminal Court for 'domestic assault' via smoke and the other at the Central Juvenile and Family Court. This could lead to a court injunction to protect the health of family members, with the smoker being sent to a rehabilitation centre to kick the habit," Lertpanya Booranabundit, Department of Women's Affairs and Family Development chief was quoted as saying at the 18th National Conference on Tobacco and Lung Health held in Bangkok on May 2019.

The reports further add that the victims can register complaints at Family and Protection centres available in all provinces throughout Thailand. Once the complaints are received, an investigation would be rolled out before taking necessary actions against the offenders. 

Reportedly, out of 4.9 million households in Thailand where one or more family members smoke, 10.3 million people are affected due to passive smoking. In February 2019, smoking at six of the selected airports and public smoking were banned in Thailand.