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By S Vikram | Jul 12, 2019 12:13 PM

While people in India are used to only free goodies, government schemes and free tickets sometimes, drivers in the USA had the opportunity to grab free money as it was flying in the air. The incident turned out to be a sweet surprise for all the people driving in Atlanta’s busy highway.

Money was released from a truck on a highway, flying in the

According to the News18 report, a door swung open on an armoured truck in Atlanta’s busy perimeter highway, and money started flowing out which was accompanied by the breeze to make it fly high before falling down. Eventually, the sight surprised the people driving their cars on the road.

In fact, the flying cash made dozen or more drivers to pull over on I-285 near Ashford-Dunwoody Road and start collecting the money. In the video which went viral, we could see people stopping their cars and getting out to collect maximum money from the road.

The news had reached the cops and before they could arrive at the spot, the lucky highway drivers had moved out with all the collected money. But it looks like the people may not able to keep the money as taking the money off the road is most certainly a crime according to Robert Parson, a Police officer. As per the reports, it is estimated that the missing amount of money is about $100,000, or INR 68,35,000.