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By Vinershea | Apr 02, 2019 05:34 PM

This video is sure to make any parents blood run cold and bring policemen's blood to boil, as school student are seen performing dangerous stunts on the foot board of a bus that has gone viral on social media. 

Tamil Nadu school students perform dangerous stunts on bus

Conductors and several passengers, who commute have complained about school students indulging in similar acts regularly but no action has been taken yet. In the video, that has gone viral- it can be clearly seen that the bus is plying on the main road and other vehicles are passing by. Few students who run and board the bus  are seen in their uniform. They would be studying approximately in classes 8 to 10.

Surprisingly, these student are not just standing on foot board but hanging from the window that too upside down. There are two to three students doing the same stunt while the other friends are hooting his name. Some students are also sitting on top of the bus cheering for their friends.

Even after the conductor warned and shouted at them, the students still continue, while the daily commuters are shocked and terrified at their act. This video is viral on social media and has been posted by vijayantony558 on TikTok.

Several such incidents have come to light in the recent past in which youngsters have risked their lives but things have not changed despite warning.