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By Vaishvedhidha | Apr 02, 2019 05:17 PM

After the 1983 World Cup, Indian cricket fans waited for years to win another World Cup. With Sachin Tendulkar in the team, India still didn't have the luck to take the trophy home. After losing the 2003 World Cup Finals to the then-champion team Australia and not making it to the Super 8 in the 2007 World Cup, India went to play 2011 World Cup under captain cool, Mahendra Singh Dhoni, with full of hope. India was desperate for the cup. Sachin was expected to quit his cricketing career post World Cup. People wanted his career to come a full round by winning one while he was still on the team.

India won the world cup 2011 on this day

Beating Pakistan in the Semis, India entered finals. It was a home match. Wankhede Stadium was filled with fans. India was playing against Sri Lanka for the trophy. No country has ever won the world cup on the homeland. The anticipation was high.

The game began with confusion over the toss. The match referee Jeff Crowe did not hear Sangakkara's call and the coin was spun again. Sri Lanka's 274 was a big total to chase. As soon as the chase started, Sachin's and Sehwag's wickets were lost. The fans were distraught. But Gambhir became the hope as he scored a whopping 97. Dhoni went in as number 5. The left-right middle partnership helped to bring a steady balance as he scored a 91 and won the match and the trophy for the country as the stadium erupted in joy screaming "Indiaaaa India!"

The emotions flowed in the nation. People rejoiced in streets, the people on the stadium jumped in joy and the players were seen shedding tears of happiness. Sachin was carried over the shoulder and the players paraded the stadium with the flag. Sachin retired shortly, fulfilling his World Cup dream.

8 years later, the 2019 world cup is just around the corner. It is said to be the last World Cup for Dhoni. Will Virat do to Dhoni what Dhoni did to Sachin and end the 8-year long wait with the trophy? The anticipation is high as the team is as strong as ever and the team will be announced on or before 20 April. Captain Kohli is confident that the team is almost set for the world cup except for the trouble in getting the ideal number 4 for the team.

The official twitter handles of ICC and BCCI have posted the memory of the day and Indian cricket fans are posting stories and are tweeting, reminiscing the past and anticipating the upcoming World Cup. This day thus became part of history.