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By S Vikram | Aug 12, 2019 02:02 PM

In a Shocking incident at Chennai, Koyambedu Kavithamani (32) and Jayakumar (42) who had an affair with each other consumed poison inside the police vehicle and ended their lives. Kavithamani and Jayakumar hail from Nambiyur’s Puliyampatti which comes under Erode district. Kavithamani was married to Gunasekaran who also lives in Puliyampatti.

Koyembedu couple consumed poision in police vehicle and dead

According to the Daily Thanthi report, Jayakumar had owned a textile shop in Puliyampatti in which Kavithamani was employed. Initially, Jayakumar and Kavithamani had a decent relationship which later on became an affair. At one point both of them decided to elope to Chennai and live a separate life. Therefore, they reached Chennai, rented a house at Nerkundram near Koyambedu and living together posing as husband and wife while working at a textile shop.

Meanwhile, the disappearance of Jayakumar and Kavithamani puzzled their respective families. Reportedly, two separate complaints were made against missing Jayakumar and Kavithamani at the Nambiyur Police station. While police were investigating the case, they had a tip-off from Chennai that Jayakumar and Kavithamani were living together in Nerkundram.

On August 10 (Saturday), the police found Jayakumar at his residence. When inquired about Kavithamani, he had said that she would be reaching Koyembedu shortly since she was returning from Erode. The police accompanied Jayakumar to the Koyembedu bus depot where they found Kavithamani.

Jayakumar and Kavithamani were asked to get into the police vehicle as they had to travel to Nambiyur for further investigation. Sadly, within moments after getting into the vehicle both of them consumed poison to end their lives. When taken to Rajiv Gandhi Government Hospital, they were declared dead. Later in the police investigation, it was revealed that both of them had plans to end their lives if they were caught at any instance.