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By S Vikram | Aug 11, 2019 02:53 PM

The increasing number of youngsters performing dangerous bike stunts in the name of racing has been causing a lot of trouble for the people and police as well. Over the years, the privileges given to police to control youngsters in terms of using lathi charges have been limited since it has caused the death of few youngsters in the past.

Police advised bike racers like Samantha in film theri

Police officers in Tirunelveli have taken a different action against bike racing youngsters instead of controlling them physically. Recently, Nellai police officers nabbed a group of 11 youngsters who were causing trouble by rash driving on the roads. Later it was identified that they were all involved in street racing.

Each one of the 11 youngsters was accompanied by a set of traffic policemen to the Fracture ward of the Tirunelveli Government College and Hospital. Then, the youngsters were asked to look at their peers who lost their legs, arms and other body parts due to bike racing. They were also shown how the families of the affected individuals are suffering from mental depression.

Further, the policemen, with the help of doctors explained the difficulties involved in the treatment of bone fractures including the time that would take to get back to normal life. The incident resembled a popular scene from Tamil film, “Theri”. In the scene, the lead character, Samantha who plays the role of a doctor would explain the difficulties of recovering from a bone fracture.