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By Vinershea | Sep 16, 2019 07:35 PM

Its not even a week, where Chennai is yet to overcome the grief of a 23-year-old techie who died after an illegal hoarding turned death trap for her. 

Chennai boy dies after stepping on exposed wire on dug-up road 

The city is shocked to know another fatal accident of a ninth grade student who lost his life due to electrocution on Sunday. The deceased has been identified as, Dheena, who died after he stepped on a live electric wire at Mugalivakkam and was electrocuted.

As per News18 report, Dheena's family allege that the electricity department had dug up the road last week to lay cables for repair works, after which they did not restore the area completely. They also accused the electricity department of negligence.  

The deceased family has also demanded that the officials responsible for the loss be arrested, News18 further reported. 

A CCTV clip is going viral on social media where two boys, including Dhenna can be seen walking on the road, with the other boy dragging along a bike. Suddenly, while walking, Dheena came in contact with a live EB wire and fell on the road at Mugalivakkam. His friend who is shocked to see the incident can be seen asking for help but none come forward. 

This shocking incident, took place around 9:30 m on Sunday. Meanwhile, Locals in the area say the wires were not laid properly and the live wire had popped out on the road.

This sad incident, comes days after 23-year-old Subashree lost her life after an illegal banner erected on the road fell on her and she was run over by a water tanker. The AIADMK former Councillor had several banners in Pallikaranai for his son’s wedding.


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