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By Vaishvedhidha | Apr 25, 2019 12:44 PM

New Delhi: In a sad and shocking case, a 3-year-old child, who was accidentally ran over by his own uncle, died. The uncle was reportedly using cellphone when he ran over the boy. The tragedy took place at Delhi's Bharat Nagar locality on Monday evening and was caught on CCTV cameras installed inside the society.

3-year-old child ran over by own uncle, dies

The boy was severely injured after the accident and he was rushed to the hospital. But unfortunately he succumbed to the injuries on Tuesday night. The child had sustained severe injuries on his head, chest and other organs which led to his tragic demise, according to Mirror Now.

A video of the incident is widely shared on social media. The video shows the boy getting down from a red Maruti Brezza. He shuts the door and walks in front of the car. The car remained still but soon his uncle started the car and ran over the child. A preliminary inquiry has revealed that the driver of the SUV, the child's uncle, was reportedly using his cell phone at the time which was why he lost track of where the child might be.

After the tragic incident, Delhi police arrested the boy's uncle on charges of rash and negligent driving. He was later granted bail. The boy's family is reportedly devastated. According to TOI, the boy and his mother had gone to a nearby market on a rickshaw where they met his uncle, who then offered to drop the child home in his vehicle.

This tragic incident has became another sad example of how using cell phone while driving can lead to tragedy regardless where or when or how fast the driver is going. The national daily also claims that the child's mother regrets sending him with his uncle who was too busy using his cell phone to see where he was driving.