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By Nidharshana | Jun 09, 2020 08:12 AM

Former television newsreader and theatre artiste, S Varadharajan recently posted a video making a statement on the coronavirus situation in Chennai. He said that there are no beds available in Chennai, and shared a personal story.

Case filed against \'News Reader\' Varadharajan for video

He said that one of his close associates had all the main symptoms of the novel coronavirus, including shortness of breath and fever. When they approached both the government and private hospitals, they were denied admission. He said, “They asked us not to bring the patient to the hospital and said they cannot provide treatment. We even tried contacting the government secretary, owners of some of the biggest hospitals in Chennai, but none of them were able to help us. They openly admitted there is a shortage of beds in the hospitals. Don’t take things slightly, please stay home and stay safe.”

“Do not be over-confident thinking that you will not get coronavirus. Do not head out without a valid reason,” he added in the video.

The video went viral on various social media platforms and people accused the government for not being transparent about the current situation. However, Minister Vijayabaskar denied the allegations. Further he said that action will be taken against the individuals who are involved in spreading false news under the Epidemic Disease Act 189.

“There are 5000 beds in government hospitals in Chennai and enough number of beds in other COVID care centres. In this pandemic situation, people should not be spreading false information. All of us are working hard against an unknown enemy,” he said.

"The video that I shared on WhatsApp has spread like wildfire. State and Union government has been working full-fledged. Doctors, nurses, sanitary workers, police have been working selflessly. Why? For our welfare. It is our responsibility to cooperate," Varadharajan was found saying in another video, which was uploaded a day after. He had also appreciated the government for the efforts taken and added that his associate has been admitted for treatment.



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