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By Vinershea | Jun 08, 2020 05:54 PM

In a case of mistaken identity, two bodies got mixed up at Delhi Lok Nayak Hospital's mortuary, as they had the same name and that resulted in one family having to perform the last rites of the wrong body.

son buries father twice after 2 bodies with same name get mixedup

Kalamuddin, son of the deceased buried his father twice. The first time, when the burial took place it was a body that he (Kalamuddin) thought belonged to his father and the second time, the body was in fact his father's. 

After the news went viral, an official at Lok Nayak Hospital said, “It is sometimes difficult to identify the body because people are often anxious in a mortuary and after death, the face lacks expression, which also makes it difficult. We will make efforts to ensure such incidents do not happen again.”  

As per an Indian Express report, Kalamuddin buried two bodies, the first was Aijaz Uddin’s elder brother and the second was that of his father. When Aijaz spoke to Indian Express, he said - he had seen 250 dead bodies at the mortuary before he got to know that his brother had been buried a day ago by a different family at a burial ground at Delhi Gate.

Only after that, Aijaz reached out to Kalamuddin who had taken the body and asked him to send a photograph of the deceased's face. When he saw the photo, he was shocked to recognise his brother.

The blunder took place at the mortuary as the body shown to Kalamuddin was difficult to recognise, but the documents had the correct information, Indian Express further reported. 

Looking into history, Kalamuddin’s father was undergoing dialysis at a hospital and was advised to get a COVID-19 test done at Lok Nayak Hospital on June 4. Sadly, that very night, the old man suffered kidney failure and passed away. Meanwhile, Aijaz's brother was rushed to the hospital on June 2 after his blood pressure dropped. He passed away when the hospital employees were conducting an ECG test. 

Doctors later learned that Aijaz's brother was found Covid-19 positive when the reports came the next day. Also, when Aijaz went to the mortuary to collect his brother's body on June 5, the hospital authorities gave him a wrong report and showed him a body which was not of his brother's. 

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