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By S Vikram | Dec 24, 2019 06:45 PM

While entire Tamil Nadu and political parties were commemorating the death anniversary of late social reformer Thanthai Periyar, the Tamil Nadu BJP twitter account focused the ugly side. Reportedly the BJP Tamil Nadu and IT cell posted an offensive tweet about Periyar which was deleted later.

BJP offensive tweet on periyar deleted but condemned

The founder of Dravida Kazhagam Periyar got married to Maniammai (32) at the age of 70 in 1949. It is a known fact that Periyar married Manniyammai so that she could become a legal heir to his assets. Manniyammai was assumed as the daughter of Periyar later.

As per News Minute, the BJP tweet read “On this day, which is the death anniversary of EVR, the father of Maniyammai, let us support the death penalty for child sexual abuse. Let us resolve to create a society without POCSO offenders.”

Though the tweet was deleted later, it never failed to backfire. Many political leaders including DMK president MK Stalin strongly criticized BJP Tamil Nadu. "BJP has removed an abusive tweet about Periyar after facing strong criticisms. Why don't they think before posting such a tweet? Let that fear be within them. Periyar had scared them to the core though he is no more. Will ADMK leap at least for this like a tiger or hide like an earthworm," tweeted DMK president MK Stalin.

"It is disgusting to see BJP and its IT cell post such an abusive comment about Periyar on his death anniversary. It shows their defective eyes. This act should be strongly condemned," wrote PMK founder Dr S Ramadoss.