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By Saradha | May 19, 2020 04:35 PM

Tamil Nadu man allegedly killed his three children and took his own life on Monday. The family resides in a village near Sriperumbedur. The man was identified as Arumugam. His wife was identified as Gomathi Ammal, and the deceased children were identified as Rajeswari, Shalini and Sethuram. 

After murdering 3 Children, Man kills Self!

According to media reports, the Arumugam and his wife Gomathi had been fighting over the past week and the fights peaked the day when the incident happened.

Arumugam, who was upset over this, killed his children. He strangled 12- year- old Rajeswari, drowned Shalini and Sethuram who was 10 and 8 years old respectively. 

Shortly after killing his children, he hanged himself to death from a tree which was 300 metres away from his residence.

When Gomathi came home after work, she found out that her children and husband were missing. She started looking for them inside the house and found Rajeswari wrapped in a bedsheet, lying in a pool of blood. The neighbours reached out to help when they heard her scream.

Shortly after, they started looking for Arumugam and found him hanging from a tree inside a farm. 

While searching for other children, they found they Sethuraman's shirt near a well, and his and daughter Shalini's dead bodies inside the well.

Police filed a case and investigating the reason for the crime.

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