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By Vinershea | May 18, 2020 01:42 PM

In a shocking case, a 30-year-old man allegedly murdered 19 disabled care home residents in one of the country's worst mass killings. It was a massacre then in 2016 which was motivated by hate; as the accused did not believe that disabled people 'deserved to live'.

japan man slit throats of 19 disabled patients gets death penalty

The accused has been identified as Satoshi Uematsu, 30, who was a former care home employee. He worked at Tsukui Lily Garden care centre on Japan for three years before quitting his job in February 2016. Four months later on July 26, he committed the crime by telling the police officers disabled people deserved to "disappear" as they cuffed him. 

During court hearing, the accused did not dispute his involvement in the 2016 killing in his first court appearance last month in Yokohama. Meanwhile, his lawyers entered a plea of not guilty, saying the accused was suffering of a 'mental disorder' linked to his use of marijuana.  

As per The Sun report, the man coldly admitted "I did it" as he handed himself to the police after slitting the throats of 19 sleeping disabled patients where he used to work. He had also walked in the police station in Sagamihara, Japan, with a bag of blood stained tools after committing the crime. 

Reports also suggest that, a few months earlier he had written a letter stating that disabled people should be killed for "creating unhappiness" and "burdened" their families. His letter also read as, he would even volunteer to do the deed himself by promising to break into a care home and butcher 460 patients before turning himself in. By the end of the letter, he signed his name and left his phone number.

After police arresting him, they questioned and sent him to a psychiatric hospital. Within two week, he was released on March 2.

On the fateful day, the accused left his home in Sagamihara with a bag of knives and a hammer. He parked his car and headed towards his former workplace. That night, only nine staff were on duty and the killer carried out his massacre. As he seen people asleep in their beds, he slit their throats and brutally attacked them.

After the staff members got alerted, they phoned the police. But, Uematsu had already left the place with 19 people dead and 26 injured. There were 10 women and nine men aged 18 and 70 were dead. 

After few days, Uematsu surrendered himself to a nearby police station. As he wanted everyone to know what he had done. He was also influenced partly by Adolf Hitler and Nazi regime. 

Uematsu's trial started in January, 2020, but the case carried on. He was however found guilty by jury members and was sentenced to death.

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