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By Nidharshana | May 19, 2020 03:38 PM

A second case of female infanticide has been reported in Madurai, within the last three months. While the first case was that of a one-month-old baby who was poisoned and killed by her parents in Usilampatti, the second is a planned murder of a 4-days-old girl baby from Solavandan Panchayat.

Father kills 4-day old Infant, Reveals chilling Details

After the sudden and unexpected death of the infant, suspicious locals and the village administrative officer lodged a complaint with the police. Initially, the infant’s father and grandmother made claims stating that the baby had suddenly died in her sleep and that they had called for an ambulance.

However, after the police sent the infant’s body for an autopsy, their true colours were exposed.

Unhappy over the birth of the fourth girl child in the family, the infant’s father Thavamani (33) and his mother, Pandiammal (57) murdered the infant by giving her a herbal juice which is common used for female infanticide in the interior villages of Tamil Nadu. After the infant survived it, they smothered her to death and buried her body near the Vaigai River. All the while, the infant’s mother was away.

Following the autopsy results, which showed multiple head contusions, the police pressed the two offenders who had then accepted defeat and confessed to the crime.

Both the father and the grandmother of the infant have been booked under IPC sections 201 and 302. A FIR has also been filed.

"Madurai used to be the hub of these crimes in the 80s and 90s, especially places like Usilampatti. Several groups and NGOs worked for years to improve the situation. Though one cannot say the practice was completely eradicated, there was a significant decline in the number of such cases. However, we are again seeing an upward trend. When they release the sex ratio of Tamil Nadu in the 2021 census, a bomb will explode. Such is the prevalence of female foeticide and infanticide in the state now," Andrew Sesuraj, Convenor of Tamil Nadu Child Rights Watch, told Times Now.

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