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By Sushmetha | Jun 01, 2022 04:16 PM

Sehwag shares that his decision to retire from one-day cricket was reversed by Sachin's advice.

Wanted to quit ODIs after Dhoni dropped me, Sehwag recalls

Sehwag, a former Indian cricketer, has been retired from international cricket for 7 years. But his name is still on the list of action cricketers. When he lands on the field, he will stun the opponent with a six and a four. It is in this context that Sehwag has decided to retire from one-day cricket in 2008.

Speaking on the occasion, Sehwag said, "When we were in Australia in 2008, the question of retirement came to my mind. I scored 150 again in the Test series. But I could not score runs in ODIs. So Captain Dhoni removed me from the playing eleven. Then the thought of retiring from cricket one day came to my mind. I thought I could only continue to play Test cricket.

Wanted to quit ODIs after Dhoni dropped me, Sehwag recalls

Then, Sachin Tendulkar stopped me. “This is the worst stage of your life. Wait, think carefully after this tour and decide what to do next, ”said Sachin. Fortunately, I did not announce my retirement at that time, "Sehwag said.

He continued, ‘There are two types of players, one who likes challenges. Virat Kohli is one of them. He listens to all the criticism and retaliates on the field by scoring runs to prove them wrong. Another category is those who are not affected by criticism. Because they know what to do at the end of the game. I am such a player. I never care who criticizes me. I wanted to play well and go home with a run, "said Sehwag.

Wanted to quit ODIs after Dhoni dropped me, Sehwag recalls

Sehwag scored 6, 33, 11, 14 in the first four matches against Australia. So he was removed from the then-playing eleven. Following this, Sehwag returned to the starting XI for the next league match against Australia. It is noteworthy that he played a great game at that time and played for India for 7 consecutive years in all three formats.


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