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By Dharani | Aug 16, 2019 06:06 PM

Debates over India’s number 4 have had carried all the names from experienced Ambati Rayudu to  3-D Vijay Shankar and youth sensation Rishab Pant. However, the just concluded three-match ODI series between India and West Indies might have answered the question with a name that was never in the list.

Shreyas Iyer\'s Recent Performance Might Yield him Number 4

Apart from Virat Kohli, who hit two back to back centuries in the 2nd and 3rd ODIs, ‘that’ one player who stole the show was Shreyas Iyer. The Mumbai batsman known for his aggression hit a quick 65 off 41in the third and last match of the series at Queen’s Park Oval on Wednesday. His 71 off 68 in the previous match could not be forgotten either.

Apparently, Iyer has succeeded in his attempt to cement a spot in the team.  “Shreyas has come along really well, he’s just stepped in and played with a lot of confidence and I think that augurs really well for the team. He’s presented a strong case for himself to be a strong contender and a regular feature in the middle order if he keeps continuing to play like that and take responsibility in that manner,” Kohli was quoted as saying by DNA.

Speaking of Iyer’s chances of grabbing number 4, one could not neglect Rishab Pant’s recent dry performances. Twitterati who trended #WhereIsPant during the world cup are now seen trending #NoMorePant. The team is investing in him so much and it’s high time he doesn’t miss out on the opportunities. The team, as well, should start shaping Pant as a replacement to MS Dhoni for the role of finisher. Shreyas seems to be the one meant for number 4 and he deserves a long run there.