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By S Vikram | Aug 16, 2019 05:08 PM

In a shocking incident inside a mosque in Quetta, Pakistan, a massive bomb blast has been reported on August 16 (Friday). It was revealed that at least 4 people would have lost their lives and 12 injured.

Bomb blast in pakistan mosque 4 dead and 12 injured

Reportedly, the bomb blast occurred after the Friday prayers in Quetta’s Kuchlak area’s mosque. The incident has alarmed the people of Kuchlak area. The initial investigation report of the police revealed that an Improvised Explosive Device (IED) had been used for the blasts.

While the death count is estimated to be 4, the injured people have been admitted to the nearby hospitals and emergency has been declared at Civil Hospital Quetta. The police have seized the area completely and bomb disposal squad has been called for a thorough inspection. In fact, as per reports this is the fourth bomb blast happened in Quetta over the past four weeks.

Earlier, on July 23, a bomb blast had caused the death of 3 people and 18 people were injured in Quetta's Eastern Bypass area. In yet another attack on July 30, 5 people were killed and 30 were injured near a police station. As per Geo Tv, the banned Tehreek-i-Taliban Pakistan took responsibility for the attack on July 30.