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By Dhiraj | Apr 29, 2019 10:20 PM

Ahead of the match against the Mumbai Indians where the KKR ended up winning, Russell had made some controversial comments which many people thought was wrong. He came to the media and said that in spite of having a good team, they haven't won because of poor decisions. He said that a number of times, there were wrong bowlers deployed at wrong times which is a big reason for the failure. He also went on to say that the team atmosphere is not good and he has found himself in his room for most of the time.

Reaction to Russells press conference and Dinesh karthik\'s statements

Shaun Pollock said on the Cricbuzz LIVE show "There's nothing to be gained by going to a press conference and saying that we don't have the right vibe in our side and things aren't going well outside and I'm staying in my room. What's that going to achieve from a team's perspective? If you have those complaints, go to the team manager."

Lisa Sthalekar who was also part of the Cribuzz LIVE show said "Whether there's an issue between him and Dinesh Karthik and he's now kind of aired it in public. You don't want it from a senior player. You don't want it at a press conference. You'd rather have it at a team meeting."

On the ESPN Cricinfo show, Murali Karthik and Shaun Tait were part of the panel. Murali Karthik was furious about Russell's statements in front of the media as he felt that it is like sharing family details in public which should not be done. He said even if he was right and there were problems, it should not have come in the media. Shaun Tait said from what Russell said," he should be captain, should be batting 4". He also said that he has bowled to Russell and was not afraid of him and he has just come out and talks this 'Garbage'.

Dinesh Karthik after the victory spoke in the presentation and indirectly touched on this matter. Talking about the difficult times they were going through, "A lot of bickering and back-biting can go on in these sorts of situations. I'm very aware of it and make sure nothing like that happens. At the end of the day, it's a game. You play the best that you can. You need to keep a smile. You need to be nice to others. Everybody's trying hard. I always believe that at the end of the day it's a game. We all go back home and we need to be happy. I think they need to make sure they have a great experience playing with me. It shouldn't be all about, 'oh that guy was so bad when we lost'. I was very aware of that."

Fans feel that Russell's act to come out and criticize openly in public was not the right thing to do since its a team sport and blaming others is definitely not in the right spirit.