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By Dhiraj | Apr 28, 2019 05:17 PM

Ahead of the important game for the Kolkata Knight Riders against the Mumbai Indians, Andre Russell came out in the press conference and answered without inhibition.

Russell about KKR\'s loses and bad decision making

Talking about the team's failure, he said that they have a good team but poor decision making is what has cost them. He added about the poor decision making saying "I could pinpoint a few games where if we'd just looked to bowl tighter, and bowl bowlers who would restrict the game - the right bowlers at the right time".

He has also said that the bowlers have not done the job and the fielders dropping catches has made it worse. He has openly said that KKR is the "worst fielding team so dar". He has said that these loses have not in keeping a good atmosphere as he has found himself in his room for most of the time. 

Dinesh Karthik after the previous loss against the Rajasthan Royals while speaking about how to keep the team's spirits high, one of the things he said was for his team to trust him as the leader. At the moment with Russell speaking openly about the bad decision making, fans feel that there is not much trust in the leader and feel there might be a few issues within the team.

Russell is hoping for a quick turn around and is expecting the team to give it all to get KKR back on track from this tough position they have put themselves in.