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By Dhiraj | Apr 27, 2019 08:43 PM

Two of the biggest controversies of this IPL has involved Ashwin and Dhoni. Ashwin was first involved in big Mankading incident when he ran out Jos Buttler. He was then subjected to a lot of criticism since most people thought it did not go well with the spirit of the game.

Simon Taufel about Ashwin and Dhoni issue

The one involving Dhoni was very much unexpected when Dhoni from the dugout stormed off to the middle to argue with the umpire about a no-ball call which the umpire briefly signaled and then backed out of the decision, in the last over of CSK's chase.

Simon Taufel, who is a former ICC Elite Panel Umpire has recently opened up on the issue. He said that Ashwin was totally right in his actions and had not crossed the line in any which way. He went on to say that the rule of Mankading exists for a reason so that the batsman does not leave the crease before the ball is being bowled. Since Buttler left the crease, Ashwin was well within his rights to get him out. He also said that peoples thoughts about giving a warning first is also not required and is a myth. He says that just like getting batsman bowled, LBW, etc, this is also a mode of dismissal.

On the other hand, he said that Dhoni's act was surprising and wrong since Dhoni is known to keep his calm in tight situations. He said that it is not good for players to get on the field like that. He said that the umpire at the bowler's end has the right to signal a no-ball and the leg umpire is just to help him out. He went on to say that the umpire should not have had an argument with Dhoni and should have asked him to go back since Umpires should not be influenced.