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By Dharani | Jul 23, 2019 07:46 PM

When a Science activist couple Neeraj Verma and Rashmi travelled all the way from Nagpur to Sriharikota to witness the historic Chandrayaan 2 launch, they did not know that it is going to be their life-changing day.

Chandrayaan 2 launch changes the life of a couple

Neeraj is an HSC pass and the couple teach Space Science to unprivileged children in their village which is located near Nagpur border. When Chandrayaan 2 was initially scheduled for launch on July 15, the couple travelled 1100kms Southbound to evince the moment. Unfortunately, their efforts went in vain after the launch was called off due to technical glitches. By the time they reached their village back, the date for re-launch was announced. The couple, who has an enormous love for Science, began a second journey towards South.

On the day of launch, Neeraj and his wife were carrying in their hands a tiny replica of GSLV MkIII-M1. Noticing this, the Deputy Director of ISRO approached them to know where they got those. When Neeraj said, “I made them out of plastic”, the Deputy Director who is retiring in 7 days offered a deal. He wanted Neeraj to produce the replica models in large quantities to educate the children in his village on Space Science. The happy couple agreed and numbers were exchanged.

When asked what will he do with the money he earns out of this, Neeraj said, “ I will use this money to promote Science among children in my village.”