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By Vaishvedhidha | Jun 14, 2019 02:20 PM

Techies are complaining over the food served by a chain of restaurant at a famous IT park in Trivandrum, Kerala. They are complaining over the food alleging they found worms, bandaids, bolts and other stuff.

Worms and bandaid in food served at IT Park

Pictures have been shared by employees which shows the presence of worms in food. This has sparked an outrage, reports The News Minute.

“This is the third complaint against the restaurant within this year. In February, I found a huge worm inside the chicken tikka gravy that I ordered. When I asked the manager of the outlet, he brushed it aside by saying that it could have fallen from somewhere. What’s worse is that they continued to serve the item to others. This is when I raised a complaint and they shut down the restaurant for a week,” alleges an employee.

“The outlet has got away with such unhygienic practices on several occasions. They don’t have frequent food safety checks and the authorities have never taken permanent action against them,” alleges another employee.

The News Minute further reports that when they have contacted the CEO of the IT Park, he said “I have spoken to the management about this issue and we can expect an immediate response. The Food Safety Authority has already visited the campus and checked the hygiene and quality of the food. Awaiting their report and then taking an action is step one. Further, our Food grievance committee will be convening very soon. Feedback will be taken from the community and factored in. Based on this, an appropriate action against said food joint will be taken.”