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By S Vikram | Dec 16, 2019 02:42 PM

Manjunath, a 63-year-old businessman was cheated Rs 5 Lakh in a massage centre in Pondicherry by a trusted man.

Pondicherry massage centre cheating reported by man

Manjunath had been visiting a massage centre in ECR which was owned by a man named Udhayakumar. Over a period of time, Manjunath and Udhayakumar became known to each other.

Reportedly Manjunath received a call from Udhayakumar a few days ago in which Udhayakumar invited Manjunath to his newly opened Massage Centre in Mudhaliyarpettai. 

It is said that Udhayakumar triggered Manjunath's desire by saying that he had young and beautiful girls employed in the massage centre.

Out of sheer trust and motivated by the desire for women, Manjunath had gone to the place mentioned by Udhayakumar.

Once Manjunath reached the place, Udhayakumar along with his wife and a few other friends ripped his clothes off and shot a nude video of him. Therefore, they had attacked  Manjunath, blackmailed him with the video and snatched his watch.

As per News 18 report, Udhayakumar and gang also extorted INR 5 Lakh from Manjunath via Google Pay. A totally devastated Manjunath raised a complaint at the police station. The police officers acted promptly and nabbed Udhayakumar, Prema (Manjunath's wife) and Karthik (Friend) who were hiding in Salem. The accused were produced in Pondicherry court and then sent to prison.

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